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Star Wars Novels

What are your favorite titles, and who is your fav. author? Timothy Zahn is mine. All hail the Jedi!
I like:

Kevin J. Anderson and his Jedi Academy Trilogy.
Brian Daley and his Han Solo Adventures (Trilogy).
The Lando Calrissian Adventures (Trilogy) - though I don't remember who wrote them.

I also like Dave Wolverton, Timothy Zahn, and K.W. Jeter books in the Star Wars World.
I read the screen plays in a trilogy form. You'd think it would be pretty much like the movie, but there is a scene in Empire Strikes Back that was apparently cut out (or maybe added to the book later?) It is my favorite scene in the entire series, about the training with Yoda. It also goes into a certain detail about Yodas cane that is missing anywhere else. He chews on his cane in the scene. It is called a 'gimmer stick' and it has certain psychoactive compounds that enhance Yoda's ability to connect to the Force.
Yes, I agree that timothy zahn is a good author, but I don't like it how he implemented things such as hot chocolate in Heir to the empire. It was one of the dumbest things he could do... but that's enough about that.

I have a good set of star wars novels including the timothy zahn trilogy, I am currently working on his second one. Im at the part where han and leai are talking to the arrested akbar.

Anyways they're still good books.
Of all the Star wars novels I have read I think that the Timothy Zahn ones are the best. The heir to the empire trilogy has one of the most menacing villians I have met. I really didn't like the Kevin Anderson ones for that same reason. There was no clear cut bad guy. The villians kept fading in an out of importance and no one was the overall antagonist. That and the fact that he used any chance he could to re-incorporate everyones favorite portions of the classic movie trilogy into his books. We already saw that we don't need to read about it again in a different setting.
I agree with Aardvark. Timothy Zahn has dominated the Genra with his masterpieces; every one of his books is excellent. Kevin J. Anderson is great as well, but not quite as much so as Zahn. I favor the New Jedi Order series, as well as the whole Heir to the Empire thing. I read Young Jedi Knights as a child, but I find that they are not-so-great now. Anyone else have any thoughts?
Timothy Zahnis the man. His trilogy is one of my all time favorites
I just got word that I am going to recieve my uncle's massive 200+ title Star Wars novel collection! This means I will read them all (eventually), and get back to you guys on what I think once I broaden my knowledge of SW events.
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