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Any proven and simple way to install Full working XP on USB?

I have to go a long way to modify the XP installation CD to slip in changes to allow USB to be accepted during installation as a possible primary drive.

Then I have to face the problem of making the bootable modified XP installation CD.

Then installation of the XP.

Works, but no freeware for editing the XP installation CD ISO image file. And have to resort to some 10 trials software to burn the image on CD.

So, it will be good, if someone has a nice and neat free solution to this.

I like to test various stuff on the external USB XP, before having them installed on my internal XP.

Probably will have to look to next version of Windows 7 in the near future.

Help and advice are greatly appreciated.

I'm not fan of windows but I think there is a version of Windows XP for USB, just search in google:

Windows XP Live USB

You'll find it "Keys at hand" images(isos) to use right away.

As always I would recommend Linux on USB Pendrive.

You could try . They seem to have a pretty easy method for setting up the drive. Just so you know, USB is not the best way to go for this. A live CD would be resistant to viri and malware, whereas USB might catch something quickly. The speed, while comparable to a live CD, is going to be vastly slower than a HD, so be prepared for loong boot times.
there's a usb version windows xp out there. its already pointed out in the above post too. i dont understand why u would want another copy. anyways u can get it done by using bartPE.

using the said software, u can even install windows xp on your system using pendrive usb.
Have you Checked Qemu?
there is a port for windows.
in the repos there is a gui front end available, I don't know if it is the case for windows.. but it shouldn't be too hard to use the command line.
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