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MOVIE review

This is a several part movie review done written by my friend
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Haunting in Connecticut [ Horror ]

0/10 Movie: The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

The Haunting in Connecticut is based off of a "real" encounter with the supernatural that can nicely be described as "influenced" and not-so-nicely described as "banal". The plot is amazingly hackneyed as we're treated to yet another story of ghostly possesion as a result of post-mortem bodily defamation (translation: ghosts being pissed that someone played doctor with their corpse) and so the movie begins.

Haunting starts by introducing us to the family whose grisly suffering we shall be enjoying this evening, the Campbell family!!!!(yay). First there's Mom who is trying to hold her family together despite her son Matt's cancer, next there's the freeloading Aunt and her daughter Mary whom i'm not going to explain due to lack of proper characterization and the same applies to Mom's other son whose name escapes me, next there's Dad!!!!(yay) he's a "former" drunk who works as a contracter and really, really, REALLY misses his beer (there is a particularyly funny scene where he's driven up next to a place with a Rolling Rock sign and stares inside and at a glass of beer, this is the part where i imagined the song This Kiss by Faith Hill playing in background which caused one of the only times during this 140 minute movie that i was enjoying myself).

So a summary of what happens, well the Campbell's move to the house in Connecticut to be near the hospital their son goes to for cancer treatments. They then find out (but we aren't told till later) that the house WAS a Funeral Home (i can imagine the sales pitch now;"yep it's got, 4 bedrooms, a nice kitchen, spacious backyard, cool cellar, nice little corpse preparation room, and this BEAutiful living room with all these nice Honey Wood cabinets."). So wierd stuff happens all around...Fast Forward...Matt and Aunty figure out that a medium named Jonah is "haunting" him so they remove his remains from the house.

Then the REAL fun begins as we are treated to a wonderful flashback upon which we are told that Jonah wasn't evil (Crowd Gasps) in fact he was trying to free the tortured souls of people that his keeper Aickman had written wierd stuff on and cut off their eyelids in order to increase Jonah's medium powers, so during a seance the souls use ectoplasm and fire to kill everyone except jonah, Jonah runs deeper into the house (smart plan), runs inside the dumbwaiter, dumbwaiter goes down, Jonah walks into the furnace (My God Jonah is just so smart he's the example we all should live up to), and the ghosts burn him alive. So weird stuff happens, Matt burns the ghosts, cancer goes away, yippie.

Alright so the review then. I'll be the first to admit that i'm very desenitized to horror movies in general because i've been watching them so long so a movie like this would probably be a scare-free ride. However i learned that going to the movies and having other people inside the theater can be quite annoying as this usually means people are talking, and texting and such however it also gave me an unusual outlook to this movie. You see although nothing in this movie scared me at all it scared some of the people in the theater which meant that considering the fact that i try and write from an everyman point-of-view this caused me to have to pause and consider wheather or not the film can be considered scary or not... then i remembered that in all truth 10-12 year olds can be scared by their older brother jumping at them on the stairs so therefore whether or not they were scared shouldn't be considered a good point. So other parts of the movie that sucked, acting, writing, etc. etc. etc.

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Dear Like Me: Life After Death

Just finished watching this movie and while I was majorly disappointed with Rube not being in the show-and Der Waffle Haus and Kiffany being ‘killed off’ so-to-speak by the place- I did enjoy the movie as it filled a void I have felt for this show ever since it went off the air–BUT, saying that, it was truly disturbing and a most disappointing and major violation for the casting peole to have included the so-called new ‘Daisy’ actress into the storyline. She was the most appaulling and atrocious actress to have been chosen to take over the Daisy character. The storyline was a little off,yes,and the original characters did well with it and brought back that old feeling in me that loved this show. I mean, you cant leave and come back after 5 years and NOT expect major changes in their lives or environments. Roxy is a little softer,Mason a little less crazy, but Ellen’s character grew yet stayed true to form,confirming her status to me of being a great under-appreciated actress.

Bravo to the movie, but give that new Daisy ‘her lights’ and get her the hell out of the series and movies to come if there are any planned- she is, in my opinion, the one stand out cause for any comeback of the Dead Like Me series to fail. All in all, I give it 4 stars for effort and for giving me another chance to get that old feeling back for this show.

I think that Rockstar is a tell-all-tale of a rebellious character called Janardhan Jordan, who we are made to believe has never been exposed to drugs? There! My first issue with the film, and even if I keep this aside then how do you explain Heer’s and Jordan audacious to do list that never mentioned drugs? Especially when they have no hang ups about country liquor, strip clubs and a semi-porn Junglee Jawaani? Now that’s called ‘playing bit too safe’.
The Biggest HIT Films so till date in Bollywood...

The film has created history by taking over the mantle of the biggest domestic earner so far. It has touched the highest individual collection in circuits such as Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. We see repeat viewings of the movie with the 3-D version being equally sought after" Nandu Ahuja of Eros International Media Ltd said.

Even before the release, the makers had sold television broadcasting rights, reportedly, for Rs 40 cr, distribution rights for Rs 77 crore, while music rights were bought by T-Series for Rs 15 crore.

"Ra One grosses Rs 170CR in first 5 days, Breaking all Previous records" The Economic Times

Ra One, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan's most ambitious project to date, has earned Rs 170 crore in the opening weekend, distributor said.

Produced by Red Chillies and Eros International, Ra.One (released on October 26), grossed Rs 170 crore in first five days. The movie earned Rs 18 crore in India on opening day.

So far, it has raked in Rs 137.25 crore (net collection of Rs 96 crore) in India, and Rs 32.75 crore overseas.
Recently I have seen the Old Hindi Movie named "Shree 420" that was classical hits I like the songs from this movie specially the song "Pyar huwa ekrar huwa...." really nice songs... and the actor of this film Raj Kapoor is done really good work...!
Oh! I forget to say one thing that is I watched this movie in thanks to the youtube team.. I found other old movies too there in youtube which I wish to watch...
The only review i got for this movie it is creeped me the frick out and i was paranoid for a week.
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