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What NOT to blog about

I have something of a dilemma lately, and I'm betting I'm not the only one with this problem. Some of the topics I most want to write about on my blog are things I don't dare publish for fear of having them read by friends/family/co-workers etc.

It's paradoxical that I'm perfectly willing to spew my woes, frustrations and conflicts about my relationships, my finances, and battles with my inner demons for perfect strangers to read. I have a lot to say, a good deal of which other people can probably identify and sympathize with... but friends and family might read it.

For example, I don't want my ex-husband (or even worse, his new girlfriend) reading the posts (some humorous, some heart-rending) about the despair his leaving plunged me into. I really don't want the new guy I'm becoming interested in to read the funny post about how stupid I feel around him because my frustrated sex drive starts eating my brain whenever I see him.

Yes, I actually wrote these things, and more besides; several of them are quite good (so sayeth the one person I allowed to see them), but I just don't dare hit the PUBLISH button, for fear of repercussions.

Who else is in this boat? What do YOU want to write about but don't dare publish it?
Sorry, but is it a duplicate thread? I could swear that I replied to the similar one a week ago Confused
More information in addition to it:
Blogs may feel like a whispered conversation with a few close friends, but they're more akin to speaking aloud in a crowded public place.
Freedom of Speech does not mean Freedom from Consequences.
People were fired at will just for having a blog - about family, not work, without names, and were recognized by photo of newborn shown in office and posted online. Airline worker who was very careful not to reveal any names, but posted own pictures, was fired too.
There always is a good chance that all people you don't want to know about your blog will know about it, that may cause embarrassment and friction in the future relationships. Co-workers may comment it for the years to come. Is it worth it?

There were cases of the physical stalking and attack (link) by stranger.
Some are even targeting the vulnerable persons of the certain sex and age, you know that (Tips).

No topic is taboo - within permitted by TOS - but blogging frustrations may reveal the situations and some specifics about these people and could cause embarrassment or even libel lawsuits. And a lot of time will be necessary to remove any identifiable detail each time BEFORE the blog entry is posted. It will be not a freely expressed thought, but chore.

But cheer up, it is all in your hands.
You should consider having two blogs: one for public matters that you can assosciate with yourself, and one for things you want to post anonymously, and never the twain shall meet.
Maybe if you want to confess about something, you can post anonymously at - Link. I always post something I hate about my bos there. Laughing
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