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Frihost Domain Name Changing

I had hosted a website from frihost:

Then I went to the Control Panel. I clicked on Domain Administration and changed the domain name from the above to

Now I am not sure how to link the servers and to this new domain.

When I go to my new domain, it gives an error message stating that the url does not exist.

What should I do next?
It looks like you haven't purchased that domain name. In order to use a domain name at any web host (this is not FriHost-specific), you need to register it at a domain name registrar. This costs money, but is not very expensive, for example DomainSite sells them for US$8.88 per year. There's also other domain registrars like, DynaDot and GoDaddy. Unfortunately, there's no way to use the name without registering it. I suggest you change the domain name setting back to what it was originally for now.

Once you register the domain name, there will be a "Name Servers" section, where you can enter the FriHost name servers ( and When you register it, tell us what registrar you used to register it, and we can give you specific instructions on changing the settings Smile

Hope this helps you! Smile
I checked out the link you posted to Domain Site, and a few other registration sites on the web. DomainSite was by far the thanks for the tip! I purchased my own website to host here, and now it's just a matter of building points and Frih$. I am assuming that this is the only way to have a website hosted here that doesn't have tagged to the end of it, is that correct?
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