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Audio CD burning.

I tried making an audio CD with windows media player 11... epic fail! It will play in some CD players, but not others, and especially not in car CD players, which is why I burned it in the first place.

So, I'm asking for recommendations for a better, 3rd party, CD burning software.

I require:
-it can make CD's compatible with ALL audio CD players.
-it can do volume leveling across the CD to make all the tracks on the disk about equal in volume.

Would be very nice to have:
-Ability to integrate with media player 11, which I do use to organize my music. That would make selecting the tracks for the disk much easier. (Either by putting some kind of plug-in into media player, or by reading media player's database.)

So, your suggestions?
Jaan always gives good advice in regards to this....

my favourite software is CDBurnerXP. I'm not sure if it does normalization, but I prefer to keep programs and tasks separate. For normalization you should go no further than MP3Gain. These two programs will do the job perfect!

Here is CDBurnerXP

and here is MP3Gain's site:

Cheers! Enjoy the music Wink
To make an Audio CD that will play in all CD players, particularly the cd players that do not support MP3 files, you need to use the .cda file format. There are several programs that can do this for you, but the key thing to remember is using the .cda file format.

The disadvantages of this format is that your music will take up a lot more space than usual, which is why in the "olden days" compact disc players only had about 10-15 songs per CD. I am not sure if there is a way around that or not.

I use the program SUPER which is capable of converting almost all formats of video and audio to other formats. I don't make that statement lightly, as you will see if you take a look at the program's website. Its freeware.

Hope this helps.

I use a program called Infrarecorder for stuff like that, although I don't know how compatible it is with CD players (it can't be worse than Windows Media Player though Very Happy )

Once you have your program Keep in mind that the media you use can make a big difference. You might want to try media player again but a different brand of disks.

wow! guys where y'all put Nero???? its d best cd, mp3, video cd, dvd maker i ever came across. check their site for more details Wink
I use Nero and i recommend Nero Burning Software...!!! I think it is the best of all...!! You have many options available with the Nero pack..!!

You can try out Nero for the best experience...!!!
When reading through this post was wonder if i was the only one using Nero, till i got too the last two posts.
Have to agree with them i have never had any problem creating an audio CD with Nero, it will convert to .cda format and burn cd';s reliably.
Hope this helps.
I used nero, use nero and will use nero. Nero is nice. It can create video and audio as well as data, and bootable disks. I used to create cds using windows media player very long ago. But now, i use Nero as it is more powerful,fast,and reliable then windows media player.
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