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Experiences of VOIP services

There are some pretty amazing VOIP services on offer right now. An example is which offers free calls from a PC to regular phone lines in 19 countries including the US and UK.

Trouble is the sound quality of voipbuster is pretty poor and you don't get a phone number for incoming calls. Also using anything other than their own calling software is tricky as there is no support from the voipbuster Website, but it can be done.

So I'm wondering what the experiences of others has been. Have you found a good service that allows you to call landlines free AND includes a non-premium number for incoming calls?
I am using Gmail Talk and it is a good messenger and VOIP (voice over IP) program. It has a very good sound quality.

But, if you really want to use VOIP, you have to buy a good headset. Look for example on: and

Gmail Talk:

At Gmail Talk you can only log-in if you have a Gmail-account, if you do'nt have one, PM me so I can send you one.
Quality input- and listening devices are a MUST. But also use only VoIP with LOSSLESS CODECS like TimeWarner's digital phone service. AT&T's voicewing service "may" offer lossless codec service soon.

Oh, Vonage is EVIL. And not just because they use lossy codecs.

thanks for that site, though. Very Happy
To use VoIP, you need a very reliable net connection. Any fluctuations and you will have problems with voice quality. You can also experience issues on long distance calls at peak internet times. This can result in poor quality, lag and echo.
Skype is pretty good im using that one!
Also using Skype, it is the best voip program ive used. Have tryed Team speak, Ventrilo and now iam on skype using it for team games on the internet. (BF2)

Its free, very easy to use and does not need a server setting up first.
You can also make land line and mobile calls any where in the world for a small cost.

Have Fun all, you can find it @
being a regular skype user, i was hesitant to switch over to, or for that matter even try voipbuster, but im happy that i quality is excellent, havent had any problems so far, even paid the 5 startup fee thing, and am now making free calls to US (mobile is free too!), my friends in UK and everyone else i know in Germany Smile

thanks for the link aardvark!
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