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which is best Anti Spyware ?

i need a anti spy ware since i ma fed up with spyware problem anti virus is not so equipped to control spy ware problems .hence i need a good spyware and yes i have even heard that spy ware slows down the performance of system start up ,,,,,,,,,,,,i mean it takes too much time to boot the system .

i want to stop all the pop up coming from many add companies.? and yes i do want to ask whether u people have got any kind of spy attack from "YieldManager .com"...i did a google search and came to know that this yield manger is a add company and its review is not so good !! i need your opinion and your help too .

thank u
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There are several great free products out in the market. The only one I have ever used personally is SpyBot Search and Destroy. ( ) It works great for everything I have thrown at it, and it has resident protection which means if you do get spyware in the future, it tries to stop all registry changes.

You could also try malwarebytes, which I have heard cleans up some major problems. ( ) It is more of a removal tool than a protection tool, so this might be what you need.

If all else fails, you can download and run Hijack This ( ) This will scan your registry and find out what is different from a stock system and give you a log. Someone much more intelligent than me will be able to tell you what shouldn't be there and how to fix it.
I'd recommend Noscript for firefox, together with adblock pro, spybot s&d (as mentioned above), webroot spy sweeper, and ad aware 2009. With all these installed it's much better than having no protection at all (but still not 100%).

Cheers, happy anti spyware'ing
I use spybot ..i feel you could give it a try aswell
First of all you need to know that most spyware come to PC through the browser you are using and what kind of web pages are you visiting.

I recomand that you use Firefox browser, good antivirus program with build-in anti-spyware (AVG FREE is free for personal use and very reliable).
Now about stand alone spyware programs you have a whole lot of them and they are mostly free. As other mentioned above the best program for me is SpyBot Search and Destroy (just google it). Install it. Imunize your system and browsers, it also monitors all registry entrys etc.

So this is my oppinion.

all best
I would say for malware that is already on your computer, Lavasoft USA's Ad-Aware and maybe Spybot (mentioned above) would be my choices. I also second the recommendations for NoScript... it seems like a pain at first, but it does protect you.
Spybot Search and Destroy.

To get rid of existing spyware try Glary Utilities + CCleaner.

I personally don't run a spyware blocker, I just run a processor analyzing program that keeps track of the number of handles, threads, and memory that each program is able to run. If something starts up with an ill intent, it won't be allowed any memory.

Favorite saying: "Take that you thrice bedamned quick launch Icon! Those three CPU cycles were mine you ******* !"

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Spybot Search & Destroy
Lavasoft AD-Aware
Webroot Spysweeper

Those are the only ones I've ever really used, thats all I've ever really needed, Though I only started using MalwareBytes back in December, but it's pretty good.
Malwarebytes, Spybot Search and Destroy, Adware all these do a decent Job. There's No way to prevent spyware though. Just make sure your system is upto date and you have a firewall, and it's also upto date.
I have had great luck with Spybot Search and Destroy.

MalwareBytes and Spybot Search and Destroy have always been good to me. MalwareBytes is a very powerful program, and I recommend it anybody.
i have tried almost all best antivirus but all of them have some demarits

but the best choice is the Node32 and Avast Avenger are best antivirus from all aspects
Best antyvirus: common sense, no pirated software and good internet browser Smile
I've used several of the free software solutions already mentioned, but in my view nothing beats a professional integrated antivirus/antispyware/antispam program.

For me, the best is Kaspersky Internet Security. You can get a free 30 day trial.

Unfortunately, you then have to pay for a licence - which I did, because it has a quality and gives me the peac e of mind that no free software does.
AVG Free anti virus works quite well here...
Spyware Doctor, is definatly the best product on the market, its alot better then that freeware trash...
So malwarebytes is trash... hmmm.... might want to re-review that one.
I would strongly advise using Spybot S&D.
use firefox and you will be good to go. avoid referral porno sites! they carry 98% virus...

i dont think anybody would get spywares while visiting microsoft dot com or yahoo dot com lol

i'm using nod32 and there's no virus at all. avoid using pendrives too. if needed be, then dont double click the drive icon but use the address bar and choose your drive from the drop down menu.

have fun
Malwarebytes (free)
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