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Break the code!

Welcome to Break the code 1

The basic concept of the contest is to pass all the barriers, and decode the final code. Who ever does this first will be rewarded with the first prize!

Kindly read all the rules, and the description.

This code-breaking contest is not related to any script or coding language, all you need is time, concentration and some common sense..

Figuring out the codes is very easy, according to me.

The contest consists of 4 barriers, you need a specific code to pass each barrier, the final barrier consists of a final code, which you will have to decode, and then you will get the final answer.

All the barriers are embeded flash files, these files are not just to be viewed! You have to do something in them, to go ahead.. check for the in-built hints.. Don't go to the next barrier unless told to do so in the present barrier, even if you do go to the next one, you wont be able to pass it, because you need a code Very Happy

Other than that, once the winner is selected, he will have to write down the method to get to the code, and how he de-coded it. So, you'll have to pass all the barriers anyway.

1)Send all answers to me as a pm.
2)Post all questions as a reply to this post (if the question relates to anything which can help any other user to get through, then kindly pm it to me)
3)Do not tell the method of passing any certain stage to anyone, in-case you are caught doing so, you will be disqualified, along with the other user.
4)There is no time limit.. the contest is ever lasting.
5)All wrong answers will be posted by me in this post (in case there are any, which is quite unlikely)
6)Do not go to the next barrier, unless the present barrier tells you to do so.

Competition starts at 24:00 hrs (GMT + 5.5 hrs), that is about 2 and a 1/2 hrs from this post.
The Links to the barriers will be posted at the starting time.
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