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Subdomains on my old subdomain still exist.. ?!

A little while ago, I asked Bondings to change my subdomain to a new one. However, I didn't delete the subdomains I created while the dan751 subdomain worked, and now that I have my new subdomain, the subdomains that I made with the dan751 subdomain still show up in cPanel's "Subdomains" section and I cannot remove them. Why is this and how can this be fixed?
Please tell me the subdomains you want to remove. I'll try to do it.
the subdomains are as follows:

Thanks for your help Bondings.Smile

I didn't know that you recently added 4 more mods, but I do now. Wink I'll remember to pm you regerding this kind of stuff in the future.Smile
Please let me know when you've made your decision.Smile
I looked at your subdomain's page and actually I have the same problem as you. They don't show up when you want to remove them. This is most likely a bug in cpanel and I doubt there will be an easy way to remove them. (other then creating a brand new account and deleting this one, but I doubt this is what you want)
Don't worry. I have this bug too Smile.
No, I certainly do not want to have my account reset. However, there is a way to fix this. What we can do, is you can change my subdomain to it's original subdomain for say a 6 hour period, and during that period, I will be able to control those unwanted subdomains, as I wasn't able to remove the subdomains I created under when you changed my subdomain to the domain "", however, I could when you changed it back to Then when that time period has expired, you change my subdomain back to I'm confident that it will work.Smile

I would do it at school, but I'm at school, and I can't access Secure cPanel behind their firewall. I will be able to delete them at 15:00H (3pm) EST, I get home at that time.
Please let me know.Smile
I did it myself now. Those 4 subdomains are now removed. Great idea, by the way, I didn't think of that.
Bondings wrote:
I did it myself now. Those 4 subdomains are now removed.

You did it for me? That's very kind of you, thanks alot.Smile
Bondings wrote:
Great idea, by the way, I didn't think of that.

Thanks.Smile I try to use alternative methods based on past methods that didn't work. Like restoring my blog database, I wanted to transfer it from my old host to frihost, and for some strange reason, I couldn't upload the sql database, so I waited for a day that I had alot of spare time, and transfered it post-by-post, it took a little while, but it worked.Very Happy
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