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Yes Man

I finally got to see Yes Man with Jim Carrey (one of my favorite actors!)!

It's a romantic comedy about a misserable man who always says no to everything! One day after a "Yes Man"-meeting, he must say yes to everything to gain success and happiness. If he says no, he will lose all that.

It's a really feel-good-movie (except when I laughed so hard that my stomick hurt! :)

Finally a good one from Jim Carrey again! Go see it!
cavey wrote:
Go see it!



I think I broke the topic. Razz
I haven't seen this movie but I want to see it in cinema
Havent really heard much about this movie but I'll def go check it out on dvd one day if its available. Havent seen a really funny Jim Carey movie in a long while so I hope this one will be good.
I have seen the making of it too many times, looks like a great movie Very Happy can't wait for it to come out on dvd, I'll go and rent it then. the cinema here sucks somehow, don't know if they are showing it, only bigger movies, and more crap movies, so I end up waiting for movies to come out on DVD, but that doesn't mater to me Very Happy
I saw it on a plane last weekend. It was alright. Kind of similar to Liar Liar. He can lie in this one, but he has to say yes, and it get's him in some unique situations, kind of like telling the truth in Liar Liar got him in some unique situations.

I wouldn't call it a must see movie, but not too bad.
I've seen it. Its just Ok! and well yeah it does teaches one to have positive attitude in life.
Oki, I have now watched the movie.

I would give it 4 stars, or maybe 3,5.

It's a sweet movie that has some funny parts, individual the parts are really funny, but not together. It opens my eyes and makes me think about all the times I have said no because I didn't like the person or what I was invited to, maybe I would have had a great time, who knows.

It's not a movie I would want to watch many times, one time was enough for a year at least, but it's not a movie I hate.
Going to have to agree with what's been said. It was ok. I laughed a couple times, but I wouldn't say it was amazing.
Finally got to see this movie a couple weeks ago. It was pretty good, had a few good laughs in there but it wasnt as good as his previous efforts. Overall though a nice message in the movie.
pretty good movie, i though it was crap but i took me a couple of lolz away from me. not like that zohan terribad movie.
I also had my doubts after hte zohan-movie. But luckily he was him good self again :)
cavey wrote:
I also had my doubts after hte zohan-movie. But luckily he was him good self again Smile
Don't mess with the Zohan was definitely a good laugh. Smile
I must be funny . I will see it.
It was definitely worth watching. It was a good balance of hilarious Carrey antics and serious romantic comedy ... ness. I don't know if I'd watch it again, though. Maybe just for the quips between him and his bank manager friend.
It was awesome, really worth the watch. Jim Carrey is amazing as usual. The comedy / romance balance was perfect.
I started watching it but stopped after about a half hour..
Jim Carrey has a few awesome movies but this one really wasnt my cup of tea.
I love the scenes with Red Bull and Harry Potter party. Laughing Can't keep myself from laughing.
I think i will go for a watch! thanks!
I loved the scenes with Zooey Deschanel. I think she was great in the movie and she looks super hot in the movie. Jim Carrey is great too, I've been a big fan of him since his early days. I find the concept of the movie pretty entertaining as well, since my life is pretty boring and I could use the saying yes to everything concept, within reason of course. I'm surprised some of his yeses didn't turn out worse than it actually did, considering.
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