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HP tablet is *slow* out of the box

My wife got an HP tablet a few months ago (tx2000z, I think) and it's run slower than I expected it to (given the specs) since we bought it. I've run PC Decrapifier, switched to the Classic theme (no Aero), and uninstalled a few things that didn't look important, but it hasn't helped much. I guess some of the leftover bloat might be able to go, but it looks like a lot of it is required to run the bells and whistles -- two or three programs to support Bluetooth, two or three for WLAN, at least 4 separate services related to the tablet / touchscreen... If I get a chance, maybe I can include a Process Explorer screenshot.

Anyway, my big question is a) generally, where do you look when you want to make Vista feel more responsive? and b) if anybody owns a tx2000z or similar HP tablet, what have you done to speed things up?
You should turn Areo back on, but take off transparency. For some reason, Areo gets pumped to the graphics card, but Vista basic relies on the CPU to render. Disable any program HP wants to run on startup in msconfig (windows does a pretty good job at the same stuff HP programs do), And finally add RAM. Vista eats 1 gig of ram just on its own, so I would recommend you have at least 3 if you want it to zoom, especially since you probably use shared memory between the graphics card and the CPU.
Did HP provide you with a copy of Vista for Tablet PCs? If so, I would just wipe the computer and reinstall. This would probably get rid of most of the unnecessary apps that HP has bundled with the tablet.
Donutey wrote:
Did HP provide you with a copy of Vista for Tablet PCs? If so, I would just wipe the computer and reinstall. This would probably get rid of most of the unnecessary apps that HP has bundled with the tablet.

That probable is your best bet. If you got a unused copy of XP you might try that, or even Win 7 will run much faster. FYI, most if not all 'Computer Cleaning' software just slows down your system more then it will ever help, also your anti-virus doesn't need to be running all the time. Just scan once-a-week. If it won't let you turn it off I would just uninstall it.
Does Win 7 have good tablet support out of the box? I have XP, but not XP Tablet edition. I might try to grab the new Win 7 RC I heard about. The big problem is, it's my wife's machine, and she doesn't like "tinkering" with it -- the more mainstream/consumer-oriented the solution, the better the chances she'll go for it.

I think it's got 4 GB of RAM, so that's not a big issue. I don't think I have her running any real-time AV, though I have AVG installed to do routine maintenance. Maybe I need to do another sweep?

I could be wrong, but I think the recovery disc they gave me is actually slipstreamed with all the crapware that it ships with initially. More and more manufacturers are doing that nowadays.

I will see about turning Aero back on (can you do that with the "classic" theme?) -- the tx2000z has a "real" video card, but not super high end.
Think of Windows 7 as Vista SP3, it is very polished, they just worked on the UI, and taking out some of the bloat. It runs much faster than Vista ever could, and very comparable to Win XP, just because they took out a lot of the bloat ware from windows. As to tablet I do not know.

4Gb of ram is all you need. Make sure your AVG doesn't start up with windows, as the realtime protection does very little for you, and can really slow down the harddrive. Just update it and scan the drives once a week, at most, then turn it off.

You are right most people put the crap ware on the Recovery CD, do you have a real XP CD? Could you borrow one from a friend? If you can get a hold of one, you should be able to reinstall it using the key the computer has on the side of it. It may take a call to the manufacture to help you activate it as it is most likely a OEM key that is meant only to be installed once.

I don't know about Aero, as it will still use system resourses if you don't have a 'higher-end' graphic card, with most laptops don't.
Uninstall some of the HP bloatware as some have already mentioned. I'd figure because it's using Vista it wouldn't be a crappy computer, so it should run it. Bloatware will murder your laptop, as they think all this software will help you in the long run, basically it doesn't.

Install Revo Uninstaller (helps remove files that were left behind) and start removing what you think is unnecessary. If you don't know about something then leave it / Google it for more information. Although, if PC Decrapifier removed it all then there's probably something really wrong. I'd do a fresh format (if you can) and start from scratch.
This may be your best choice. If you have an unused copy of XP, you can try, and even Win 7 will run faster. FYI, most if not all, of the Clean PC software, only slow down your system more so will always help, but also anti-virus does not need to run all the time. Scan once a week. If it will not let you turn it off I want to uninstall it.
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