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New Zealand Suggestions

My wife and I have been talking about planning a trip to New Zealand. We found a pre-planned cruise type trip that takes you all over the island and plans out everything for you. It sounds like a great idea but neither of us have been there before and I was hoping to get some suggestions from others.

1. Have you done a trip like this before? (planned events etc)
2. Do you have any suggestions on places to go in New Zealand?
3. Is there a good, better, or best time of the year to go?
4. What should I look out for when planning this trip?

Thank you for any advise or suggestions you may have!!
I only know a little bit about New Zealand through friends of mine who are from New Zealand. I know there is a North and South Island. The big cities like Auckland and Wellington are on North Island, but a really neat place to be is Christ Church in South Island. Sort of a central station for the All Black rugby team as well and a city that is both old but full of new surprises. Also many interesting coastal retreat spots as you travel up the coast from Christ Church. Probably good to have someone who shows you around, but wonder whether it is necessary to set this up in advance of travelling to New Zealand as you will find friendly Kiwis everywhere, could possibly be cheaper to do it when you are there, also will keep things more flexible for you, as you may want to do different things in a different order of priority as you get to know the places that you visit.

Also good to consider the weather, as New Zealand never really warms up, being closer to Antarctic than Australia is, so much more comfortable to tour it during the summer months say from December to February. Would still be cool though. Real winter months in June, July, August, September are very uncomfortable and since quite a bit of the enjoyment of New Zealand is in its scenic outdoors, may not be good to travel there during winter months.
New Zealand is on the top of my list of places to travel. Alas, it hasn't happened yet. I can only live vicariously through others, for now.
New Zealand is on the top of my list of places to travel. Alas, it hasn't happened yet. I can only live vicariously through others, for now.
True, wonder whether I will get to this little Island one day. Some Kiwis have mentioned to me that that is the good part for them, since they are rather isolated tourism wise, they are relatively safe from being trampled on Smile
Go to Mt Cook. The scenery is beautiful. You'll have a great time with your wife.
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