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PC Laptop/ Mac or MacBook

Recently my laptop encountered some BSOD's. Also, I was planningon upgrading my old laptop, so now I'm deciding which Laptop to buy. Please answer these questions and give suggestions. Thanks:

1. Should I get a laptop or Mac (I don't usually bring it out, well actually never bring it out)?
2. Should I get a Mac or PC and WHY?
3. If Mac, should I get a Mac Mini?
4. If PC, which one should I get (Price Range: $ 770-800)?
You're asking two different questions here. In the first question you are asking if you should buy a PC laptop, and the rest is about desktops, or I can't read. :P

1. I think that you should get a PC only because they're a lot cheaper, and in my opinion better.
2. PC's can do everything a Mac can do, and I quite frankly don't like how Mac charges money for something that you can get for free. (OS). I will give Mac full credit on the looks of a Mac, they're simply amazing.
3. Well, what would you be doing with your Mac? Would you be moving around (school, home, etc), or would it be in a central area? I think Macs are good for laptops only, the others are just too expensive.
4. I can't recommend one to you, I can't seem to find mine on BestBuy anymore, but a simple search on Futureshop, Bestbuy, Tigerdirect and/or Newegg will defiantly give you an idea. I would also say that make sure you look in stores, sometimes you can find better deals.
My wife recently purchased a MacBook. This was very challenging for me since I have worked in the IT industry for over 6 years and am very ingrained in the Windows and UNIX environments.

My opinion is you should make the decision based on what you intend to use the laptop for. If you are looking for something you are familiar with and do not want to spend time learning a new operating system then I would suggest a Windows PC. While the Mac OS is easy to learn, why waste time if you don't specifically need a Mac for something you do (e.g. graphic design).

Good luck on your decision!
I would say NONE. Why don't you give a try Netbook.

The ASUS Eee PC is a subnotebook/netbook computer by ASUS and a part of ASUS Eee product family. At the time of its introduction in late 2007, it was noted for its combination of a light weight, Linux operating system, solid-state drive and relatively low cost. Newer models have added the option of Windows XP operating system and traditional hard disk drives. Newer models have also increased in price, though they remain relatively inexpensive as laptops, and notably inexpensive for ultra-small laptops.

According to ASUS, the name Eee derives from "the three Es," an abbreviation of its advertising slogan for the device: "Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play"
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