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Band site design dilemma...

I am a webdesigner. So is my friend. We're both pretty good, I daresay. We know what we're doing.

Now we're facing a problem. We're designing a website for a hard rock band (basically inspired by classic rock and a bit of modern metal thrown in here and there). We both love the music but it evokes different images for each of us.

I feel like keeping it simple. A good picture of the band as a nice and big header, with a few links to navigate the site. A nice and balanced texture of paper or something in the background. IMO especially in the case of music, simplicity is key. The music is the most important thing.

My friend wants to do the exact opposite: a website loaded with textures, thumbnail images all over the place, detail galore. Rusted metal. His concept kind of reminds me of the website for the band Alter Bridge.

What is your opinion on designing a band's website?
What is your opinion on designing a band's website?

This is not simple question. It is not same to design website for hard rock music or spiritual music. I will follow your friend idea if you want to build hard rock site. BTW, look at I prefer something like that more then Alter Bridge.

RageArtworks wrote:
What is your opinion on designing a band's website?

Why not a compromise? Meet some place in the middle of what you and your friend want. Both ideas of simplicity vs. flare are good, but too much of one or the other will be either boring or overwhelming.

Images speak volumes, this is key in any sort of design concept. I would suggest using moderate ammounts of your friends' rusted metal imagery, as it seems to fit the musical style, but keeping thumbnails and the like to a minimum(they tend to make a site look cluttered).
Another idea is making the navigation panel look like a radio dial(an idea I once had but never used).
Keeping things simple makes a site look more professional, but the proper images can make it eye catching, which is the point of a website. Try to find some middle ground with you and your friends' ideas, and I think you'll have a great site put together.

Best of luck!
You guys are at a great point. In fact I would encourage both of you to develop the ideas in several variations to the point of a comp in Photoshop or Illustrator. Then, I'd take them to your client and let them review and decide what they think works for them. Remember, this isn't about you, it's about making the best website for your client.
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