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Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) to be released soon

Ubuntu is preparing to release Jaunty on April 23. It is now available as a beta, so I installed it in a spare partition and tried it out. It failed to connect to the internet through my wireless router and it does not shut down properly. If I am able to get the communications problem solved, I will be able to test its performance and features.

If anyone else is interested in trying it out, I would suggest only installing it in a separate partition for testing at this time. I look forward to hearing the adventures of others who live on the cutting edge.
Fire Boar
I'm more interested in what kubuntu's offering for Jaunty, to be honest. I have enabled the Experimental repos in Intrepid Ibex (I have intrepid installed as a secondary Linux - Kubuntu Hardy is my main production system) so that I can use KDE 4.2 RC, and that seems to have broken the log out for some reason. I would like to see how Jaunty handles KDE 4.2... KDE 4 is nice, but 4.2 is the first 4 release that's really intended for regular desktop use.

Incidentally, to those despairing over the travesty that was KDE 4.0 and (to a lesser but still significant extent) KDE 4.1, fear not! KDE 4.2 is much MUCH better than either of its predecessors in the 4 line, and a worthy replacement for the rock stable KDE 3.5.
Well I hope they get those problems worked out before it's released. I have generally been impressed with Ubuntu, and 9.04 looks like it's going to be a pretty big jump forward.
Once 9.04 would be officially released, I'd go to upgrade my current Ubuntu 8.10. And yes, hopefully, all the immediate problems (that were okay with the previous stable release) would be addressed and fixed already. Smile
Meh, nothing really exciting this release except for the added ext4 support. 9.10 will be the big one for me with the new [non-brown!] theme and a complete revamp of the UI look.

Nevertheless I'll still probably upgrade through to 9.04.
I'm looking forward to upgrading, I had a slight problem with 8.10 trying to connect to the Internet through my wireless card but I'm sure it won't be so hard to solve. I am currently running on Vista on a new laptop just waiting for the upgrade.
Anyone tried ext4? A few people are having some problems with minor data loss and I'd like to know how common this is.
Looking forward to it. It will be my third Ubuntu release, and I still can't figure out what's up with the funky names Razz

If anyone else is interested in trying it out, I would suggest only installing it in a separate partition for testing at this time.

Much easier to use a virtual machine.
I will probably upgrade to it when it is released officially. Maybe. I realize that I have a lot of cruft on this I probably will save what I want and do a reformat, despite the very obvious truth that I do not need to with Ubuntu.

Intrepid was good once they worked out the PulseAudio problems. I like to play with compiz, but I find that it causes more video playback problems and graphical fubars with WINE than anything...and it stopped kernel panicking when I went back to Metacity (to be fair, it only panicked twice...). But I don't see any need to work on a cube.
Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) has now been officially released. I downloaded the live CD and tried it out. They have fixed the problem I had with my wireless not connecting. I sinstalled it and am now using it to post, but will consider it a test version for a few more days.

I decided I could use my original /home partition without much risk of data loss. For now, I set up a different account. I need to figure out soon if it's safe to point to my old account, and make whatever adjustments are needed. Someone here might have some suggestions, but I'll likely need to post on the ubuntu forums for advice.
Installed Jaunty last night, and it is really fast! Also the new notification systems are quite nice. I went for ext4 though I'm still not sure I made the right decision.
Fire Boar
Jaunty is incredibly fast, yes. Unfortunately, it seems that kubuntu's NetworkManager program can't connect reliably to any security-enabled wireless network. It's a high priority bug though, so it should be fixed within a few weeks. But still... this bug was identified and prioritized before April 23rd. Shame on the developers for letting this go through.
I'm resisting to install Jaunty, I don't really use Ubuntu, unless I'm just browsing the web. Too bad I couldn't get Wine to work with Starcraft or Roller Coaster Tycoon (yeah.. classic game!). I'm not paying for Cedega either.

Unless somebody has any ideas for me, I'm going to stick to Windows only because I need it for games. It also works just a bit better, but that's cause every driver was made for Windows. Comon people, start releasing better drivers for Linux!!!! Sad
I'm currently upgrading from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04. Estimated time before completion is still about 2 hours and 55 minutes. Still on the "fetching files" on Step 3: Getting new packages. Smile
I recently installed Kubuntu on my laptop. It's looks visually appealing and pretty straightforward. I just don't get why WiFi won't work correctly. I get to connect successfully to a Wifi network, but whenever I try to connect to the internet... it won't connect or it will take ages for the page to load. I got no issues with Wifi on Vista, though. Hmmm... What a letdown. Sad
Agent ME
I've heard it's much more responsive than 8.10, think I'll have to take a look at it soon.
Hopefully they've finally fixed the support for my laptop's microphone - it worked in 7.10, but stopped working in 8.10.
Ubuntu 9.04 is great so far! I should be having a nice time using this one. I'm on dual boot with Windows, with the latter still being the main operating system. But with this, I could say I'll be using Ubuntu more often.

And I feel glad that my favorite applications are also here: Eclipse and Netbeans for my code stuff, Audacity for some audio editing and VideoLAN VLC as the media player of my choice. (I upgraded from Ubuntu 8.10 but it was just now that I explored enough and installed non-Canonical applications.)
Fire Boar
Okay, the kubuntu NetworkManager program has a fix in its experimental repository. In case anyone else is following the progress of this thing.
I just let my system update itself from 8.10 to 9.04. This is the first time I've upgraded my Linux machine (I'm very new to Linux), and it makes me wish the other major OS competitors could work off of an upgrade system that works this smoothly.

I downloaded (over wi-fi) and installed the newest version in about an hour. The best part was as soon as I started the update, I left the machine alone. I didn't have to babysit like I would with a Windows upgrade.
I use Ubuntu 9.04 for a while now and i'm very happy with it. It is better, faster and more stble than Windows.
I haven't tried out netbeans with ubuntu 9.04 but I plan to, I'm using eclipse right now and am running into problems trying to get the web plugin to work, this is the plugin that includes the templates for dynamic web projects and such.
I'm kind of curious now - why are you still using 9.04? We're up to 10.10 now, and 9.04 wasn't even an LTS release to the best of my understanding.
ubuntu is my favourite, cant wait for new release
Yes the 11.04 distro is gearing up for release in the springtime - sometime in April.

I just upgraded to the Maverick distro. It's running pretty well - nice and stable. I been running ubuntu as the primary OS since 9.04 - over 2 years now. Sure there are times when i need a windows app - but that's what virtualbox is for. It lets you run windows inside of your linux distro of choice.

I've grown so accustomed to free software, it would be quite difficult to go back. I think people are sometimes apprehesive of going the free software route b/c the perception is that technical support is non-existant. quite the contrary! Google is really all you need to diagnose and resolve issues. Espeicailly if you use the ubuntu distro - the comprehensiveness of the forums is astounding. And many of the answers you find on the ubuntu forums are vanilla enough that they can be applied to most linux distributions.
Fire Boar
True, while with paid software "technical support" consists of telephoning someone who has a long checklist in front of them, being told to "reboot your computer" and "unplug it and plug it back in". The Ubuntu forums are much more reliable: they tell you exactly what data they need to figure out what's going on and how you can get it, then usually come up with an answer that works. The nature of the Linux command line is a good thing for tech support too: nearly everything you can do with the desktop can also be done with one or more commands. It's so much easier to give someone a command or two to copy/paste into a terminal window than "click this", "now click this", "now right click this" ad infinitum.

Yet that's also something that puts people off: they see people having problems, and are given all these weird things to type and then think "this is how you fix computer problems? I'll never be able to do this!" while failing to realize that actually telling someone to use the terminal for something is quicker for all involved, and there's usually a perfectly adequate desktop/mouse equivalent series of steps.
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