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so confused with all this internet stuff


This is my very first EVER blog, forum discussion on this wonderful world wide web.
I am going to be totally honest and say I am 100% totally confused with all this stuff.
Let me put you in the picture. I want to make a living, not a huge living, out of the internet,in other words build a website and make money from it. Sounds easy but after 6 months of research and reading, reading and more reading I get more baffled each time.
I read one article telling you this and another article telling you that. I only want a simple website, advertise it somewhere ( I don,t mind paying a little bit) and from their make a little bit of money.

So after all this research I came up with , selling websites to honest people who want to build their own.

Is this a good idea? Well I guess some will say nope, others may want to help, others may think it is brilliant.

To be honest I don't care anymore because this is what I am going to do.I will learn by my mistakes because one thing in life is a certainty.....YOU ONLY GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN.

Well thats it....I have done it.....I doubt I will do it again but you never know

All I can say about making money is to accumulate skills and sell them. That's it. Once you work out something completely unique and innovating you have to offer, start putting that about the place and profiting from that in any way you can.

Personally, I'd say it'd be hard to sell websites with that site Sad

If a person is looking for a professional website, they'll want the maker's to be fantastic. You also will need to spend a lot of time putting out the word about your website.

Personally, I played around with PHP/XHTML/CSS (+ more, but these are what I use for work) for two years. Spent about 6 months trying to hit it big by making some fancy-sell-it-for-twenty-thousand-dollars website. Then I had a dose of realism and spent 3-weeks straight studying programming models and such (around everything else in my life). After that it was, at least for me, a breeze to get hired. Now I spend my days working from home whenever I want.

Of course, "get-rich-quick" schemes generally don't work, and probably shouldn't be bothered with (seriously, it takes less time to buy a lotto ticket and you probably have just as much a chance of winning).

Ultimately, all you need to do is study whatever you want to do a hell of a lot. Then things work out; generally. If you're not too willing to study whatever you want to do, however, it might be best to try something else Sad
First , site is not working . I can't open the website..
Site is not working....checkt

He screwed up the bbcode. Of course, it's not hard to read that the error message was "Invalid URL" and work out that you could just try typing in the URL. Such logic is generally hard to come by on this board Sad
edited his post to make the url work
the income of the website can be used as an alternative way to get money, but depending on it totally is never a good idea.. I mean, in any case, totally depending on any 1 thing is always a bad idea..

other than that.. use a topic for your blog/forum that is not so common, but much talked about..
You can usually get money by charging people for downloading stuff.. or something like that...

the only other thing is 'adds'. I use google adds, and well, don't really have much of an income Smile

but i'm pretty small(going to skool right now Smile)], so I don't really need any money right now, so I guess I dont really care!

But basically what I'm saying is that
I want to make a living
isn't quite a good idea.. though sometimes you can get reaaalllyyy lucky, and get lots of money, but that isnt always the scenario....
Making money online, at its core, isn't really different than making money off-line. You need some sort of business plan and then execute it. When I took a look at the site you have up there, it seems pretty clear that you're not sure what exactly your business is. Selling websites to people does work, but if this is your first experience with creating websites, you might want to hold off on selling them until you've learned about them more fully. This experience only comes through practice. Oftentimes, people aren't going to pay for you to practice, but it is absolutely vital to your success. So keep up the practice and then work on exactly how your business will run. Ask other business people for their advice and listen to them.

Good luck with your business, I'm sure that if you work hard, you'll make the right choices to become successful.
Thought you got an excellent post from GB. It was nice of rvec to correct the link on the post.

Duffield, you asked, “Is this a good idea?” I think it is a very good idea because you are targeting people that may want a simple solution, ‘package’ that gets them up and running without having to read and learn everything they need to know to do so easily or simply something that saves them precious time.

Your strength may be in how well you can assist your clients without any pain to them and how much you offer in terms of variety and selection.

I do think the site is well laid out. One suggestion is make sure all the links work on the site so that the buyer has confidence in Doodlecake. Missing link > . . . another suggestion might be to offer an affiliate link for the site itself? ie: anyone sending a client receives a portion of the fee as an affiliate. - only a suggestion.
I think it is a good idea, but in a customer point of view, other than the template you provided there, I would also like to know whether the price for the package included domain name/hosting etc...cos' there are a lot of free template available on the internet I could easily download, there must be a little something about your service that makes customers found their money well spent. Also, I could see that you still haven't work on SEO for your site, hope you start that soon cos' no ranking on google for your keywords= no sale
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