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Transparant Image with FireWorks .... HELP

OK, here's the situation.

I have a simple (Dreamweaver) web page with a page background image (the image is a colorful photo of a mountain range) that covers the entire page.

I want to add a simple single color semi transparent rectangle on this page so that you can still see the page background showing through the rectangle.

I created the 'transparent' rectangle in FireWorks 3, but after exporting it (GIF format) the rectangle image completely blocks the page background. I tried adjusting the rectangle image opacity but it's never semi transparent and always blocks the page background beneath the rectangle.

This should be so simple! How do I do this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Crying or Very sad
In the Optimize toolbar (for GIF), make sure you have set the "Matte" to transparent by clicking the Transparent button on the top right. Also make sure "Alpha Transparency" is selected. If that doesn't work, try exporting as PNG.
It sounds like you're trying to make it something like 50% transparent or something like that. A *.gif will never get you there as it only makes an opaque image. When you set it to "transparent" what it is really doing is cutting out all the background (like white) out of the image. Basically, a *.gif is reducing file size by limiting your image to up to 256 colors. What you want is a .png which can do that. I don't know what you're doing, but you may want to check out the Complex Spiral Demo for a great CSS trick.

For more information on .gif and .png images check out the w3c page.
but I have found that some of the software I use the gif files will not show transparent ie coffeecup vsd but I convert them to png files and they show transparent. Maybe if its ans option save it as .png instead of .gif
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