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black screen fix for nvidia driver issues solved

after many a headache with black screens on boot i finally came across some ifo i feel i must share..
note this worked for me i cant guarantee it will for you.

The Solution is quite simple with the new nvids drivers after the 160 figure its seem the main monitor get seen as secondary monitor. so if you have a tv out boot up your black screen and with some luck <mine was> you will see your desktop on your tv....while you main scree remains blank <no signal>
i just changed the primary monitor back to in my case samsung.......and viola all is sweet now.. after a month of black screen issues reinstalling sweeping the drive it worked for me...good luck

maybe one issue less Smile
I too had problems with a laptop that I kept connecting to a tv. Is that what you were doing here?

Also, there are bios settings involved here that you have not mentioned.

In the case of my laptop the screen often would not reset the resolution correctly of the screen where it had assumed the resolution of the tv screen and it took several boots for the driver to load correctly and for it to notice that my laptop lcd could, in fact, do better than VGA resolution, but that was years ago and it wasn't a problem ... just annoying.

Am I right in restating your issue as plugging in a tv to your computer caused your monitor to no longer be the primary video screen for your computer?

Bear in mind the people you are trying to help are using a variety of search words to find your fix ... if we can actually determine what it was that you fixed.
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