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Wireless internet connection.

Help. I have a linksys WRT54G Router and a New Broadcom 802.11g wireless card 4318 I bought because I thought that was my problem. I have 16M service from Comcast. When I connect wired to the router and run the broadband speed tests I get download speeds from 15M-19M. When I connect wireless I get 3M - 5M. My mother ran the same test on her computer and got 15M with the computer setting right where mine was. When I mouse over the network icon it says 54.0 Mbps signal strength Excellent. What am I missing?
have you checked your router settings?
Because on my router I can cap the speed for wireless connections so maybe that's why you're getting slower speeds when you're connected wirelessly.
MTU: Manual
DHCP Server: Enable
Network Mode: G-Only
Wireless Channel: 1 (I tried them all)
Securit Mode: WPA2 Personal
WPA Algorithms: TKIP+AES
Group Key Renewal: 3600 seconds
Wireless MAC Filter: Enable
Permit only PCs listed
Authentication Type: Auto (can't change)
Basic Rate: Default (other options are 1-2M and All)
Transmission Rate: 54Mbps (highest available)
CTS Protection Mode: Disable
Frame Burst: Disable
Beacon Interval: 100
DTIM Interval: 1
Fragmentation Threshold: 2346
RTS Threshold: 2347
AP Isolation: Off
SecureEasySetup: Enabled

Did I miss any? Are these wrong?
The Wireless Connection Icon says I'm connected at 54Mbps. Doesn't that seem like the problem is somewhere in the computer? And my mother connects just fine with no change in router settings. I'm lost.
Thanks for the input. I found my answer. It wasn't the router, it was Windows. To anyone with a similar problem who gets this from searching it, I found the solution at Under tools run Tweak test. I had to set RCWIN (Receive Window) higher in my registry. In my case the test recommended 410256. It was at something like 17000. From my limited understanding Windows was basically limiting the size of the packets it would accept at one time. The site leads you to tools that make the process easier than looking them up and changing them manually. Once I made the change I'm getting download speeds from 14M - 20M. Much better than 5M! Hope someone else can benefit from my stumbling around for 3 days.
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