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Is that necassary for student fallen in love with teacher?

Can someone answer my question?
Cause i'm doing my survey... Very Happy
Could you rephrase the question i dont know what you mean...
i think what he meant to ask was is it normal for a student to fall in love with a teacher.
If that's the question he's trying to convey, I would say why not.
But I believe that school policies will not allow a student teacher relationship.
What they say is students look up to teachers because they're smart they are mature. They're possibly good looking or bad looking heheh. They've had interesting lives. All the things all people look for in a character.
But students can't do anything about it.So their own passion is locked away in a box. And over time it doesn't go away, but expands. And continues but this box doesn't get any bigger. They develop more feelings. They can't keep it in. maybe the student can' answer if the teacher ask her.
Ok, i think it is enough for me to write an essay about this topic...
Thanks to all of ur point of view and comment...
Very Happy
I think it is dangerous for a student to fall in love with a teacher.
If you are a teacher, you might lose your job. Evil or Very Mad
I think all we remember falling in love of a teacher in teen years, it's pretty common, it's platonic and almost a way to learn developing feelings towards the opposite sex.

The mess comes when it exceedes the platonic arena. I'm now a teacher and I can't see a more complex relationship than it. I teach adult people, so I wouldn't lose my job, but solely the relationship would be complicated enough to say, no thanks.
When someone are young it's easier to fall in love, because they don't have so much experience with love. I know about a bunch of girls that has been in 'love' with the teacher, sometimes it lasts more than a couple of months but as soon as they meet other guys/girls or finish school they get over it.

Not so long ago someone told me that one girl I used to go to school with is now together with her former teacher, don't worry, he is like 6-10 years older I would guess, since he was a fresh teacher when we were 14/15 years old.

I have been amazed by teachers I have had, both women and men, but it has never been any stars in my eyes when they came close to me, I was just happy that I had good teachers that managed to teach well.
teachers are warned to make a relationship with her/his student...
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