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This is the game that almost all people like to play...
But for me... not really la!
I play only if my friends not enough people play to, than i join! ^^
I'm not that pro on playing this game...
If buy item still consider ok la...
If ask me go to gang ban people, hard lol! Always kill by them...
Hi, dota is pretty good but gets boring after a while, btw what is the point of your post

How can you say that DOTA is "ok" and that it gets "boring after awhile"? There are over 60 heroes to choose from and any time you play it online it's always a new challenge because the people are different and the strategies are different. I don't know man, but DOTA is probably one of the best realtime strategy games I have ever encountered. Teamwork, quick thinking, and good strategies are a must to winning a game.
Ive heard about the game from a friend!
He is playing it very much. I dont play it, because I dont have enough time for games, because i am too busy with school.
But what he tells about it sounds good and when I have time again I will play it sometime for sure.

But what was now the point of your post?
what is the point of my post?!
i just simply write only...
Let all world know i got play dota b4!!!
Actually i already dnt play dota for long time lol!
The last map i play is 6.58AI+...
Now want play back lol...Ha ha...
If u ask me what the point of my post again!
Than i still answer u the same thing...
Very Happy
i want to add more your point of view...
Always play dota can help ur brain become more creative, not in game only, in real life also!!!
But over play is harmful also...
Dnt play too much lol!!!
hahaha, there's no such thing as too much dota! come to think of it, i haven't played in awhile, i think i'll go join a game now.

if you're every on b-net, you can find me by my sn: jinger89. creative, i know Razz
jinger89 wrote:
hahaha, there's no such thing as too much dota! come to think of it, i haven't played in awhile, i think i'll go join a game now.

if you're every on b-net, you can find me by my sn: jinger89. creative, i know Razz

I used to play a bit on b-net. Was okay, I suppose. Very Happy
I dnt play in b-net o!
Coz my internet will lagging... Crying or Very sad
I often play with my fren through LAN game only!
Have fun play dota ya....
i've just read threw all the coments and still i cant get it, "dota is good", "Dota gets boring after a while",
"Too much dota can be harmful", tho there's some who understands dota, there is no thing as too much dota... it's the best game so far...javascript:emoticon('Mad')
DOTA is way more fun at a LAN party than over When you're at a LAN party, the battles become way more personal and tournaments are much more fun. Especially if there's some sort of prize for winning. Also, if your group isn't very good, then the skill level is more balanced. Also also, I feel that people don't get angry as often if they are physically present with the people they would otherwise be angry with.
I love to play dota, but now im on hiatus 'cause Im busy studying.
Hey, I was wondering. Are there any non WC3 dota games?
I agree with the above posts. Dota is fun in a LAN game, and boring in a battle .NET game because for example: I play on a battle.NET server and sometime I just drop out for no reason and when I come on, Im banned for being a leaver on almost every hoster. I usually play it to teach others on how to play it or for a bet I make Razz
Are there any non WC3 dota games?

Good question, I wonder the same. Why isn't there a WOW version of Dota? I mean, its already set up for it, they just need to make a map or something. Oh man, that would totally be awesome. It would be Dota on crack, cause you'd have about 10 times the number of spells and it would just be madness.
Alright, I don't mean to sound like a noob, but what the heck is DOTA exactly. From what I have found it just seems to be a scenario add on for Warcraft III. Is that a correct description of what it is? If so what is the big deal, what makes it so great? I mean I love the warcraft as well as the starcraft series but what makes this scenario so special, or different from other home made scenarios?
Dota is a fun game but it does get boring very quickly. I've played it myself for a year now and it's quiet a simple game.
@kerryworkman, its a custom map for warcraft 3, that got popular because of its gameplay Very Happy

and yes dota is addictive, and always has a new feel everytime you start a new game
A convoluted description of DOTA:

It's a custom made map played by 2 teams with up to 5 people on each side. The 2 teams are called the Sentinel and Scourge. The purpose of the game is to attack and destroy the main building of the opposing team by using a single hero that every play controls. This hero is the central focus of the game, where the skill and strategy of the game comes in. Every hero (over 40) in the game has a set of unique spells and skills. In order to stop the opposing team from marching straight to your main building, you try and stop them by killing their heroes with yours. Spells are used and items are bought to increase the lethality and versatility of your hero.
I never became good enough to play this game. It needs to be invested a lot of time on to actually play this game against others who spend like hours in the computer shop.
redslazers wrote:
Hi, dota is pretty good but gets boring after a while, btw what is the point of your post

dude, like all the other posts, how can you say that DotA is boring? You probably haven't played a lot with friends with full house. The game can get pretty intense sometimes and it also takes skill, strategy, thinking and most importantly TEAMWORK.

To shamankiing: Come on now mate, give DotA a go already. You don't know how much you are missing out on.
I couldn't find how the metamorphis can be accessed without using special spell casts.
can you help me out?
New version of Dota coming out soon!

I've heard there's at least 5 new items and maybe even 2 new heroes. This is big. Very big. Here's a link to where I found this info:

Has anyone heard anything about it in terms of what's new and what's not?
stoped playing dota year ago and started playing wow <3
I've play it for 3 years, and I think it is a best game I had ever played.

Now, new map is released... DotA 6.60b Very Happy
Dota? yeah. many friends play it^^
Feels the best game ever at first but sooner or later or even after playing it again after your inactivity, it probably won't appeal to you anymore.
OMG la, how could you not have played DotA? One of the most famous custom maps on Warcraft ever made! Plz give it a go.

And Redslazers how could you get bored of DotA? Play it with your friends or online using Battlenet, Garena, or Bored Aussies. Most of my school plays or at least knows how to play this game, some teachers included.
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