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Houseplants in small difficult spaces

Do you keep indoor plants, if space and care for them are problematic?
What was difficult, how did you solve that, your choice of best plants for it?

My case:
1. Large window without windowsill, thin walled building - wall around window has 5cm depth from inside, no place for built in shelves for a plants.
2. In clear day burning hot, ventilator and pot shading must be employed, and this looks obtrusive. Sheer curtain can't be placed between plants and window, because another curtain is already in place, in 12 cm from wall - to accommodate cat's watching place and give room some privacy.
Cold at night in winter, when heavy curtains are closed. Hot air vent is near window, but outside curtains.
3. One place deep inside room is suitable for one medium plant, but in cloudy days it will get a little light if any.

Options I found:
A. Window:
1. Small metal corners on on window molding, facing inside the room. Two square profiles made from aluminum (from home improvement store) are bolted to them. Pots are placed on top of this. They should be fairly small, so not much choice of plants: one has use what will grow there, but not what one would like.
2. Curtain, made from connected air plants, Tillandsia. I doubt, that they will grow in dry hot/cold air, and dusting will be a pain.
3. Tree near window. Tried hibiscus. Moving it to kitchen to wash leaves and return back with water, dripping from leaves on the floor - is not my idea of fun, but if not do that - bugs are taking over. And it is too bushy and looks nice, but too big for the room.
4. Table near window is out of question - cat occupies this place, and air vent will heat inside of the table.

B. Inside room:
1. Didn't try, but ZZ plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, looks promising. Not good looking, though. Schefflera is too big and bushy, plus toxic for cats.
2. No suitable place or spare funds for green wall Very Happy

I like orchids, florists azalea, begonia, but there either too dry and hot for them, or bugs are taking over in winter.

Sorry if you will not understand the text above: no need to tell me about that. My English is not perfect, but doing my best.
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