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What do you think about Cesar Milan training methods?

I don't understand why people is raving about this guy? I have seen only a few episodes and I always end up feeling so bad for the dogs and changing the channel. I think the dogs are so stressed when he is training them that is scary! He says he uses positive methods but I have to say they are not the main thing he uses. I do give him some credit though in that some of the things he says are right and useful. For example, when he tries to get near a fearful dog slowly and giving his back, showing not threat, those are good things but rare in his show.

What do you think?
I think the reason his methods are effective is that he communicates with them on their level as an alpha dog to an inferior. He puts them in their place. It may seem cruel, but they are animals and it's a pretty natural way to teach them. And the truth is that most of these dogs are stressed and confused before he gets there, and he eases their stress by teaching them their exact place in their home and how to act and be confidant in it, taking away their confusion and anxiety. He has an entire pack of happy and well-adjusted dogs at his own facility. I think the man's brilliant.
Probably better not to have cameras there then, as possibly the dogs are acting out in what is a stressful situation to begin with and having all the cameras and lights to contend with on top of everything else?
Cesear Milan is deservably a superstar! He mainly trains people to be leaders. He is not cruel to animals in the least.
I have never tried his methods personally, but I do have a friend that adopted a problem dog from the Humane Society. This dog was out of control, and she had just about decided to give him up when she decided to get Milan's book. After following his instructions, the dog is like a different dog. It's amazing.
jwellsy wrote:
Cesear Milan is deservably a superstar! He mainly trains people to be leaders. He is not cruel to animals in the least.
I don't understand I thought he was into training people to train their dogs. Where does leadership feature in this? Smile

I rehabilitate dogs. I train people."
- Cesar Millan

Improve your relationship with your dog! Learn how to achieve balance and establish pack leadership with these practical tips and techniques.

Remember, there are no quick fixes; pack leadership is a year-round 24/7 commitment. The more you learn about dog psychology, the better you will be able to connect with your canine companion!

Actually, there are a lot of similarities between Cesar's pack leadership philosophies, raising kids and workplace leadership. A calm positive attitude with consistent expectations does make a pretty good leader.
i really like how he teaches the owners in his shows, because as he says, that's the reason the dog is acting out of line..
I think Cesar actually does two basic things.

First he helps the dog to understand its place in the home. Dogs, like their ancestors, wolves, are pack animals. In any pack there MUST be a leader or there is chaos. If there is no clear leader, or in the case of a wolf pack if the leader dies, one pack member will step up and become acting leader. (In a wolf pack this will usually be the next dominate wolf)

In a human family who has a dog and no clear dominant leader, the dog will step up and try to fill that position. To the dog it's a natural thing to do.

So, in step one Cesar helps the dog understand that he/she is not the Alpha dog.

Second, Cesar trains the humans in the household to be the "pack leaders". He can go into a home and teach the dog that he is the dominate human, but if the people who own the dog do not take up the dominate role on an ongoing basis, then when Cesar leaves the dog will revert to its former behavior.

Cesar came along YEARS after I had my German Shepherd. I got him when I was 14. My mom taught me that I had to be gentle but that I had to be the boss or else the dog would try to be boss. It worked back then and it still works today.

Oh and BTW, if there are two, or more, humans in the household, (even children) they ALL have to out rank the dog.

Just my 2 cents,
Telling the owners that they need to have clear expectations of what behavior they want from their pets is an important first step.
All he is doing is encouraging behavior he wants and discouraging behavior he doesn't want, but you need to be consistent about which behaviors you allow.
I think he is good.... I like the episode they did on Southpark about him

If you have not seen it, i highly recommend it!!
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