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Any body interested in entrepreneurship?

This seems to be a place with a lot people interested in varied fields. Is there anybody who is interested in starting up? Please get in touch with me. I find the idea of the founder of this website very interesting!
Am interested in entrepreneurship but you didn't put your addy on dat message so, how do i get in touch Question
Haha I love entrepreneurship and my job is to look for people with ideas to give them money. I am excited to be doing this now, as the economy will force many people to start up their own businesses. Before it was so difficult to find really dedicated people. Many people would just have an idea, but they already have a job and they want to start, but maybe not because why take the chance etc.. I would talk to people in school ( in China ) and they would all say they would like to start a business, but not one would because getting a job and being payed well was so much safer.

Anyway good luck to anyone thats serious. No matter how small the idea just do it, the more experience you have the more willing to take big risks you will be.
And people post here! Maybe we can put some ideas and people together. Don't go it alone, having partners makes you much more likely to succeed and do well as you can bounce ideas and excitement off each other.
ravikanth wrote:
This seems to be a place with a lot people interested in varied fields. Is there anybody who is interested in starting up? Please get in touch with me. I find the idea of the founder of this website very interesting!

Why should some one get in touch with you? If you have a question go ahead and ask it out in the open, people are glad to help out if they can.
i am always looking for legit ideas - the net seems clogged with only semi-legit ones though Smile
@kanokkv - I thought you would PM me Smile anyway my email id is ravikanth1988<at> Can you mail me your interests. I am looking at two things - 1. an idea based on web. 2. aeronautics sector.
@Grasshopper - I dont want to agree with you but I have to agree with you Smile
@jwellsy - I agree with you. I should have done that. I posted this when I just joined frihost. I was under the impression that this is a new website and there were not many people (dint check it up Sad).
@patchworkepiphany- I did not really get your point. are you saying that the net is full of illegitimate ideas or non-workable ideas?
Yeah, I'd love to start my own business in the next two years. I want to open a Wedding/party planning business in the county where I live. I'm graduating college next month w/three business degrees and three business certificates, so I'm pumped!

Best of luck with your venture. Please post your start up story once you start up Smile
I will do that. Thinking about web page design business too, because I'm taking a class for that now using Dreamweaver. But, we'll see how it goes once i get one online! lol
the field is an entriguing idea to me, but I haven't looked very far into it. perhaps I should..
Hello ravi, i got a nice web based idea that you gonna love. But what do i benefit by telling u?
Nice comment!
If you are serious about what you said then you are looking for some help. If you want to know how can be of help to you I could send you a mail detailing it - this mail will only get better if you tell me your idea

If you just wanted to have fun sending this message. well, nice comment Smile
I'm so interested in enterpreneurship, but in my own business. I avoid almost every business based on Web, more specifically on commercial Web. This because in my country, this model is so unprofitable. But maybe in a couple of years it would be interesting to me.
Which business do you operate? Which country are you from?
i love this topic...where we can get a lot of ideas probably.....
lots of people would be interested in self-biz, these days..with many losing jobs...maybe you can elaborate? Smile
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