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the birth of my son

ive been away from you guys for awhile. only because ive been with my son day in and out. i must say that the pain of having a baby just makes me think about not having any for a LLLOOOONNNGGG TTTIIMMMEE. Unforutnely i had a c-section. not as great as everyone makes it seem. yes you dont have to push out the baby, but its a longer recovery time.

anyway, my son weighted in at 5lb. 8oz. on Feb. 15. small little thing. cute as a button and so curious. not the average baby. i think these people are putting something in the prenatal vitamins cause i never seen a baby like this. i dont have any pictures on my computer yet, but i will.
lol Laughing i just realized that i had the baby the day after i joined frihost.
Congrats on your new born son!
thank you Very Happy
congrats on your new born baby. one thing i never understood is that why do parents call their babies cute as a button?? can someone please explain this?
congratulations on your baby!
all i can say is Congratulations!!!! on your new born son...
Congratulations. I hope you will have many pleasure of the baby. And I wish both of you a good life.
Congratulations Smile
Many congratulations!!
Congrats on your new born baby welcome to the family, im sure you will enjoy to have a family and to sacrifice to them.
Congrats on your son. May he bring you great joy and happiness.
apple right by him and give him all the love and attention he deserves.

looking ffwd to seeing pics!!
anaela wrote:
cute as a button and so curious. not the average baby.

Congrats on the baby! Can you tell us more about him, as I'm curious now, how can a baby be curious when it has just been born, I thought all it can do is look for food Smile also why do you think it is not your average baby?
By the way what's his name?
Awesome, congratulations!!! As we say in Hebrew, I wish it will bring you comfort... well, you got the meaning Smile
Post pictures.
Congrats on your new born baby!
Some photos would be nice Laughing
Diablosblizz wrote:
By the way what's his name?

his name is brian.
deanhills wrote:
Congrats on the baby! Can you tell us more about him, as I'm curious now, how can a baby be curious when it has just been born, I thought all it can do is look for food also why do you think it is not your average baby?

he a month old and hes trying to roll over. he stares down people (they say baby cant see that very far). he is just not a regular baby, no words can really explain how my baby acts.[/quote]
Congratulations on the new son! Smile
I feel happy for you. Congratulations on your new born!
Go shop for baby clothes! I love shopping for baby clothes! Very Happy
Relish the times when he's only trying to roll over as the moment he starts walking you're going to find out how scary that can be.

My Mum has tonnes of scary stories about when I was a toddler. I was in the hosipital about once every month Rolling Eyes
Wow, congrats! Haha, you should post some pictures of him if you are able to Smile
Congratulations on baby Brian!

I hope the labor wasn't that bad.
According to her post in that pain topic it was more intense than you'd want to find out Shocked
Congratulations on your son. I can't wait to have a child. It seems like a lot of fun taking care of one. And I think it's also cool to watch your children grow even though there might be some misunderstandings at some point.

Anyway, good luck on raising your newborn. Smile
Congratulations! You've got a lot of crazy s--- coming your way.
oh is already here. hes a curious one. never like to be in one place, always on the move. he trying to crawl already!
Well, at least you know he's healthy! mine (daughter) is very active too. She's a lot of work, but at least she's not a lump in front of the television all day.
carlospro7 wrote:
congratulations on your baby!
Congratulations on your new son, the pain of having a baby is drowned out once you have the beautiful baby added to your family. Very Happy

Enjoy. Wink
Congrats on your new baby! I had a son 10 months ago, and he's the greatest thing ever. Best of luck to you and your family.

You joined on Valantine's Day, had your son on the 15th and my birthday is on the 16th. Very Happy
I wish you lots of joy and happiness with the wonderful addition to your life.
Wow! Congrats! I've never had a baby, but I am a boy so that's probably why Razz
this is one picture:
lool i was about to say 'pics or it didnt happen' but you beat me to it xD

congrats! hes gonna be an ill man
Congrats on your new born!

Lil Smooth is just apt for the lil one Very Happy
Congratulations ! Just put your son's pictures here . We like to see him. I must be very cool .
By the way, you should take good care of him so that he can enjoy the love of his parent the moment he came to the world. Very Happy
Congratulations Very Happy
The birth of my own Son was the most amazing day of my life and I totally respect all mothers in the world now for what they do to give us little people!!!
Honest and heartfelt wishes of luck and love for his and your futures your new family Very Happy
Congtatz on your new baby!! i feel so happy for you!! Very Happy
Congratulations!!!! That must be so exciting!! Smile
Congratulations with your baby Brian. Is there any chance of seeing any pictures of him?

(Hope the moderators don't concider this as spam, because I really wanted to congratulate Smile)
Gongratulations too Smile Smile
Congrats man Smile
Congrats on your new born son!

I hope he has a happy and strong life.

be brave!
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