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Formatting a partition, need advice.

Hey guys,

I have a question about hard drive partitions. Currently I have one 500 GB western digital hard drive and it has two partitions; one 128 GB partition ( C: ) which has my all my OS and important files, and one 337 GB un-formatted partition ( E: ) which says it needs to formatted before being used.

What I would like to do is format the E: partition, move all my big/important files from C: to E:, then format the C: partition and reinstall the OS.

So my questions is (and it might be a stupid question but I'm really clueless about it), when I go to format the E: partition, will my C: be left untouched? Likewise, if I move my important files to E: and format C:, will the big/important files be retained?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I can't seem to locate the info with google. Embarassed
Yep, your C: drive will be completely untouched, if you're formating the E: drive. Like wise for the opposite, if you format C: then E: will be untouched. Although, why do you want to reinstall the OS?
If you'll format E, C won't be touched. As Diablosblizz mentioned, the opposite is also possible.
Also, if you're using Vista, you can use its built-in partition tool.

I'm guessing you are using Windows XP, if not the steps for Vista or 7 are about the same. Just open up the diskmanager, find your drive, left click the un-partitioned partition, and it should have the option to format the drive and mount it. You will want to leave it a basic disk, NTFS, using quick format.

Then the hard drive should show up in a few mins in your 'My Computer', copy over your data. Also a good idea to make a backup of your more important data to another drive or DVD.

To reinstall your new system boot the computer off the system CD/DVD, tell it to format C: Drive, then install it there. Have fun.
I assume you recently did a new installation of your OS and partitioned your HDD in the Windows XP setup screen before doin so. Or you have been using the C partition and leaving the unformatted partition portion idle for a long time?

Anyway, like what the others said, you can just format the unused portion and transfer from C to the formatted partition. You contents in C will be intact as long as you did not format it as well. I would suggest using a software like Norton Ghost to create an image backup to the storage partition so you can easily restore the image to C if it gets corrupted or infected with a virus.
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