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IE 8

IE 8 is officially out today... I have installed it and I think it sucks Smile

Stick to opera, chrome or firefox I think,, as these are 10 yrs ahead of Microsoft in the browser game.

Does any1 else share the same opinion as me?
Nothing shocking, only accelerators and inPrivate mode. Rendering seems to be fast, but I think Opera and Chrome are faster. So back to Opera Very Happy
It's pretty bad, and seems buggy, although I was using the beta version of it just cause I wanted to. I still recommend Firefox or the others, but still upgrade for the security flaws that it may open up on your PC.
Officially upgraded to Internet Explorer 8, but still, I'll be using Mozilla Firefox as my main browser.

Definitely a neat improvement from the previous version. But I don't like the link that shows up as you type a URL suggesting to download Windows Search to improve history and favorites results. Hope there is officially an option to disable this.

So far, a little more than a few websites I've visited break with IE8 (and yes, they looked fine in IE7), and the compatibility mode does little to help. Web developers will need to adjust their code to support this new browser.

And I'm not really impressed by its low score on Acid3 testing.
Didnt tested IE8 yet but... IE7 i didnt test so much also Very Happy I preffer FF3 than browsers from MS.
So now web developers are expected to test their web design in 3 different versions of IE?

I guess I was born in the wrong year.
Some hackers already hacked IE8 Razz It was on the same day or the day after it
Although a bit faster than IE7, yep, it's still behind the times.

IE8 seems to be kind of like a "catch up" version to what other browsers like Firefox have already accomplished months/years ago I'm afraid.
Well I haven't downloaded and install it and I don't know I should install it or not since I don't use Internet explorer often. I like Firefox and comfortable with it.
Since most replies end up that way - please continue in the "IE 8 vs firefox 3" thread.

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