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Can I have 3 systems on one hard drive?(Xp,MS 2003,Linux)

I have only one hard drive 80 GB and i want install third system - Debian.
I've go 2 systems now - Xp proffesional and Windows server 2003 profesional. For migration purpose i want install third system - Debian Linux.
Can you help me ?
Well if you've partitioned your hard drive into 3 drives (20 GB each I'm assuming) then it's possible. Have you done that / do you know how? If you don't know how, then use one of the ideas in this thread:
If you get a live CD, you can run Debian without re-partitioning. It will be slow as long as you run it that way, though,. You would be able to reference and change data on any partition on the disk that way.

I run Ubuntu myself (a derivative of Debian), so details may differ. When you boot the live CD, you can choose install and it will guide you through repartitioning the disk. You whoulc be able to reduce that size of an existing partition to get space for the new install.

My recommendation is to back up all of your important data to DVD or whatever first, then experiment with the procedure. Ask questions and read website documentation carefully before you commit to writing to the hard disk.

Ubuntu is a good version for learning to use Linux. If you do not need Debian specifically, I would recommend it.
Fire Boar
Debian is a great server distro. In the partitioner, you will need to choose Manual partitioning because Guided just won't cut it for 3 systems. You need to make sure your / partition is on a primary partition (sda1, sda2, sda3 or sda4 (may also be hd, and may be some letter other than a)), otherwise it might not work depending on your hardware.
Yes you can.
you can even use wubi.exe if you want a safer and easier installation of ubuntu.
Fire Boar
snowynight wrote:
Yes you can.
you can even use wubi.exe if you want a safer and easier installation of ubuntu.

... ubuntu? What's that got to do with anything? Besides, wubi is not recommended, and is not an option if you need to resize a partition on your hard drive.
snowynight wrote:
you can even use wubi.exe if you want a safer and easier installation of ubuntu.

How would it be safer if you're throwing Windows into the mix? O_O
If disk space is a problem, you can install other OSes on external USB HDD.

This can be done for Full XP, and various Linux OS.

I have not tried Win2003, but if time permits this can also be experimented on.

Issue with installing Full Windows - not BartPE, on external USB devices, is that during
installation, the process allows use of USB devices, then when all the OS components has been loaded, it re-boot and attempt to start the Win OS, but without USB support.

This is due to the protected mode and the real mode operation.

The solution is to modify some inf and stf files in the installation CD to load USB drivers as part of the possible device drivers.

This can be long for explanation here, but you can easily find several good articles via Google.

Hope this opens up more opportunities for you.

With regards.
I forgot to mention that you can also use Special FDisk (Partition and boot manager) or GAG for Windows to boot multiple OS from external HDD, as they are treated as HDD, as long as, your computer permits external USB HDD devices for booting.

This gives you endless possibilities to try all sort of OS from a non-resident USB HDD.

And USB HDD has proven to be almost equivalent performance as internal HDD, for booting and operations.

Hope this also help.
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