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Plus lens therapy for myopia

I bet quite a lot of us has myopia/near-sightedness problem. Recently I saw on the net that myopia can be prevented from become worse or even can be cured by using plus lens (the lens used for far-sightedness).

The basic logic is that the plus glasses "push" all objects we see farther from the eyes, and thus strains the eye less compared to not using the plus glass. It will even train the eyes to see far away.

However there seems to be no scientific proof for this. Websites claim that it is an international conspiracy to protect lens industry, but it is an unfounded claim. What's your opinion about this? Will this work?
I have a double problem. My one eye is near-sighted and the other far-sighted. I find that working with the computer for too long periods of time must have caused my eyes to deteriorate more than what they have. Wish there were special glasses one can wear for working with computers.
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