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Does anyone still play it?

I have mine in TV set up, and still play it quite a lot. I love this console, and was always pro-Dreamcast.
Shenmue is one of my favourite games ever (along with Snake on the VMU from the game Powerstone)
My console does have that always reset at random times problem though.
I would probably still play my dreamcast every once in a while if it hadn't gotten stolen. I did find an emulator just recently though and I was able to play some of my favorite dreamcast games like Craxy Taxi, Worms Armageddon, and Sonic. It's been a while since my DC got stolen, but I'm still bitter about it Mad This emulator sort of makes me forget that it happened. The only thing is the feeling of the keyboard instead of the controller, but I think I'll get used to it.
I loved the Dreamcast and the Shenmue games. I'm so disappointed they didn't continue the games.
I did buy Shenmue 2 on the xbox to play on my 360 recently though. It doesn't compare to Shenmue 1 but still a great game.
I loved the sonic games too, played those loads. Shame they made Sonic games so crap since.
I used to play Phantasy Star Online a lot too. I remember getting to level 100 on the first version and everyone started calling me a hacker Confused

Been planning on buying a Dreamcast again recently along with a Mega Drive(Genesis) but I just don't have the cash.
Shenmue was on of my favorite games as well. I don't play with my Dreamcast anymore though, it's just sitting around gathering dust. It had so many great and innovative games and I used it much more than my playstation 2. It's too bad it didn't become as popular as it should.

Now that you bring it up, I just may replay Shenmue and Shenmue 2 agian.
I have two of them, but both are packed away. I only have a small handful of games for it, and none are really compelling or THE big games for the system. Once I have room to keep them out, I will hunt down some good games and play the Dreamcast, along with every other retro console I own.
I still have this console.
Dreamcast its the best Arcade console ever made!

Theres no better console to play games like Soul Calibur, Street Fight and fight games at all. Adventure like sonic will be never compared to others, only Mario off course Very Happy, by the way i still have my own Dreamcast and almost all games thanks emule and torrents.. hehehe


Nothing better like play with 3 other people, games like power stone 2, basket and football Very Happy
i have the console somewhere on the (zolder) top of mine house onder the dust

i've got a ps3, so the dreamcast, so the dreamcast is overruled Razz
I wish I could just get myself another Dreamcast and just sit it on top on my 360. So even if I'm not playing it I just see it there, in all it's glory.
I dug out the two I have, but it is because I will be selling them. I am selling a good chunk of my retro collection simply because I don't have room to keep them anymore; plus I will never play all those games. It makes me sad, but the space they are taking up can be used for something more important. On the plus side, the money I get from selling off this stuff will go towards a new plasma television.
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