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Best Country?

I don't think so ,i don't think japan is the best Country
Poland because of food, beatiful woman, nice exchange rate 1 Euro= 5 Zlotych Very Happy

Norwegien because of mountains and sea in one!!
In my opinion, Sweden is the most beautiful.
Anywhere but here!
Hi, I travel all around the world. I think the best holiday palce is Turkey. There is 4 seasons and every kind of holiday hotels..
I've been all over the United States including Alaska. Other country wise, Canada would have been much better had it not snowed when the travel agency told us to pack for warm weather Confused

Taiwan is really the only other country I've been to. Beautiful place, but crowded cities. Spent 3 weeks there a couple years ago visiting a friend. Took a trip around the entire island. Get up in the mountains and it is just beautiful and words can not describe it. Heat in the cities though...It reached 100F a few days and extreme humidity to go with it. Only in the 50F to 60F in the mountains and it felt great, plus nice crisp air. Cool Plan to go back some day in the next couple years.

Have plans to see the world, but will probably be later in life. Shocked

Anywhere but here!

Indiana eh? Northern or southern?
Japan is the best country?
please don't!
I don't think so at all.
I've been olny in 2 countries:Latvia and Estonia(there I live). I like going to Chile, Creece(acropol) and Norway(fjords).
India is a best country to live because you can live like a king in a shoestring budgets and can be famous easily, what most people want. You can live in international atmosphere depending upon your location.
If you do not agree with me you need to exchange your views and know the facts fully.
Crorepati wrote:
India is a best country to live because you can live like a king in a shoestring budgets and can be famous easily, what most people want. You can live in international atmosphere depending upon your location.
If you do not agree with me you need to exchange your views and know the facts fully.
I don't agree or disagree, but am curious about the facts. What are they? Can you give us some examples of where to find "international atmosphere" and how one can live like a king on a shoestring budget? Smile
I have been one a few vacations to france and one time to austria. I really like austria because of the mauntains and the glacier's river. I rafted their.
So to were I have been Austria is the best.
The best country in this world is Florida as there are beautiful beaches .
According to me The best country in this world is Florida as there are beautiful beaches. Also USA is nice for its attraction places. Following is the list of the most popular individual tourist attractions in the United States:
Times Square
Las Vegas Strip
National Mall and Memorial Parks
Disneyland Resort
Faneuil Hall Marketplace
White House
Walt Disney World Resort
Mall of America
Malaysia. .................
Florida is the best country as there are various attractiing spots that attracts every agegroup.
I am giving my favourites...maybe...because I haven't visited any country other than one in which I live. Razz

For living: India (Doing it right now)
As per Living Standards: Norway
If you are big anime, manga and game fan: Japan
If you love economically strong but undemocratic censored country: China
Famous: USA
I really want to know where this Florida country is. I know of the Country United States where Florida is a state. I've been there and have had family living there.

Back to the question though I love my country. It has many different sites to see in it. The only other country I've been to is the Bahamas and it was geourgous down there. Beautiful water, nice weather.
Australia is a beautiful country.
if you want history, see, or sun just visit Egypt
There's no single best country. Best country in what?
For travelling any country is best. Different country in the world offer different things and travelers would love to experience them all.

For living, it is a whole new story. Some countries might look nice for travelling, but they aren't that great when it comes to living. So, for living countries with high human development index are great. They are the ones that offer security, jobs, long life-span and other features necessary for a great life. I'd say Australia for living.
buxneo wrote:

I wonder what makes you think so.
I think many countries have their own charme. Needless to say, my home country Germany is the best... Peaceful, stable, clean, lots of history, a large variety of good food from all over the world and largely underestimated as a tourist destination Smile
buxneo wrote:

I think there is no best country.
You love it, it is the best.
Like girls, the girl you love is the best girl.
12 Surprising Things In Which Finland Is The Best In The World

1. The Least Corrupt Government in the World
2. Most Heavy Metal Bands per Capita
3. The Best Education System in the World
4. The Country with the Heaviest Coffee Consumption in the World
5. The Least Failed State in the World - The Failed States Index 2013
6. Most Saunas per Capita - Why Finland loves saunas
7. Best Country in the World to Be a Mother
8. The Country Drinking the Most Milk per Capita
9. Helsinki is the most livable city in the world
11. Finland does the Best Mobile Games in the World
12. The Country Borrowing the Most Books from Public Libraries per Capita
jajarvin! I am a new member in this forum and I am surprised to see the great discussion about the Finland. After reading it raise my curiosity and I am too excited to visit there as soon as possible. Any tip that you think it helpful for me freely shares with me.
Saying there is a best country is like saying there is best anything! It's entirely up to opinion. I for one really enjoy the US because we have so many different places and things to see. However Dominica and the Maldives are pretty incredible countries too.
I went to Paris and it is very beautiful, the Louvre is definitely one of the most astonishing museums!
jlsilva! After seeing your great interests I think I should share a few detailed information about the Louvre museum. It is the worlds largest museum and also known as Paris central landmark. Here ou get a great option to amuse with the wide range of collections like Egyptian antiquities, Islamic art, Decorative art, sculpture, paintings and much more.
Brazil is amazing. There's a mixed of culture, beautiful beaches and the weather is nice.
the country is always good, there is no bad country. Even the backside of the moon is a good country, or the cyclone area on jupiter is so. it is just the people living there, who are more or less idiots.
If you meet some friendly folks, good luck for you, and if they are somehow wise, even better for you and the rest of the world.
So it is nonsense to talk about the best country, and if someone wants to convince others, that 'his' (So maybe he is a king or a landowner?) country is the best of all, he sounds like someone who was brainwashed by nationalist propaganda or something in the way.
Or if another one wants to claim that this far away piece of land he once or twice visited is the best place on earth, he well might be someone who's own nostalgia and yearnings play a trick on him.

If somebody writes that this land is awesome and another one fantastic, that's fine with me, of course, why not! Brazil! Australia! Canada! Finland! Shure! India, too! although not so, if you are from a low caste or female or...
But 'the best' country? Come on, that's a rethoric lie, in the best case scenario.
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