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First Date

A beautiful snow fell on a Saturday in January 1970. An even more beautiful girl in church had caught my eye. Trish… short for Patricia, of course. We had talked briefly a few times and I learned she had broken off an engagement because the guy had cheated on her. All men were not to be trusted in her mind.

So this Sunday morning I asked her if she’d be interested in going for an afternoon ride through the country. I figured, “hey, it is a daytime date – she’ll feel safe with that”. I explained we’d drive to Crystal Beach, take my rife and shoot some targets, and return in plenty of time for evening service. A bit reluctantly, she agreed.

The roads were fairly clear but the snow still made stunning postcard-like scenes. The beach roads were passable. Now Crystal Beach was a summertime community on the Chesapeake Bay isolated from civilization by miles of driving through farmlands. In those days there were but a couple of year-round residents… not another human in sight this cold January day.

We parked on a hill overlooking the boat basin and walked through the snow to the beach area. We shot a few targets… a nice time together.

When we get back to the car… no keys! I searched everywhere… gone! I retraced our steps as best I could. Lost in the snow somewhere. No chance of finding them. Trish is looking at me with some suspicion. No telephones, no people, no keys. Now I did have the key to our cottage. I had no intention of going near there, but brought the key in case there was some damage or something to inspect.

Hmmm…. snow, cold, stranded… but I have the keys to a cottage that had a fireplace! Perhaps I could build her a fire and then walk for help. But this will not look good! Then… here comes my cousin, Debbie (King) Toms and her husband, Gene. The Toms had a cottage there too. People would make about one trip per winter just to check on things. Today was that trip for them. Gene is a mechanic, “maybe he can hot-wire it or something”, I thought.

I had a fantastic ’63 Chevy Impala 2 Door Sport Coup (oh, why did I ever let that go?!). Gene was a Chevy man. He had a number of Chevy keys on him. Sure enough, one unlocked my ignition. In that era, you could unlock the ignition and then start the car without the key. Saved!… at least that is what Trish felt. We climbed into Gene and Deb’s International Harvester Scout and went with them off-roading for an hour or two. A great time. Trish was still suspicious about me really losing the keys. Honest, I did. I guess they are still there near the boat basin or beach rusting away!

After the off-roading through the snow-covered vacant hills and beach, we followed Gene and Deb back to civilization and to the Glass Kitchen restaurant and enjoyed supper together.

I married Trish, June 1971 – it’s been 36 years – she still doesn’t believe I lost the keys that day. Personally, I think God had something to do with the whole thing!
What a beautiful story, i think that shows bit on how trusting women are towards men. It's such a shame that there are men in the world that do things to women that make them stop trusting all men.

Most of us(well the ones i know) aren't like that. It just spoils it for the men that want a go at a real relationship, but finds himself in a position that the woman doesn't trust him because of what some lowlife has done to her beforehand.

I wish women wouldn't stereotype men in the same way adults stereotype teenagers were not all like that, a vast majority are good, its just that you only hear the stories of the bad ones. It's very rare that you hear a nice story like this one.
wonderful story!! is it true? Wink
Interesting series of events for a first date. Congratulations on 36 years.
Hey, does sound like you had a nice time.. Go on second date, but go with no expectations… and let the first date be behind you.. Cant change what happened, just need to take the lessons learned from it, and move on.. Good luck..
What a beautiful story Smile I hope I'll ever get married and that it lasts for 36 years and over Smile
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