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Anime is an art form!

hello, frihosters. in my lack of seeing an art posting forum, i've decided to cozy up to this place and start a revolution: art, is indeed, an art form! there are so many people who have decided to take anime-style art to another level, and it's a shame that older artists/art teachers see it as just another form of cartoon.

cartoons can be beautiful too! i don't see people looking at Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli films and saying 'it's just cartoons'.

Agreed with you, some of Hayaos work are very good, in terms of art, direction and story.
It doesn't matter whether they look like American comics or Japanice comics (Manga) or any other everything belongs to arts. If someone says they are not I don't think those millions of people who read, write, drawing would agree. Also it can use as a stress reliever. I'm not an artists but as an Admin of forum for those who love to draw Manga ( Manga Artists and fans who love to draw or write ) I can see that soo many people has a passion drawing or write. For them its an Art just like others things to others.
no they cant call it just cartoons, but from the beginning everything be it manga of westside comics is already art Very Happy
no its not, anime and mangas are an excuse for the asian public too post illegal porn like loli and guro online so that they can satisfy its nations lust for taboos...

if you dont believe me, i dont care
Just like regular movies, regular animations, comic books and the whole internet, all is an excuse for PORN Exclamation
If it is so terrible why do you then use it? Such empty answers are not even worth noticing. It is an art, and if all people see in it is 'porn' then they should stop using 'hentai' as a search keyword in google. People who see it as a perverted way to transfer porn to the masses are truly shortsighted.
Cartoons are already a form of art, mainly used for entertainment. We constantly use the terms Anime and Manga to refer to the Japanese styles, yet the word Anime is not even a word from Japanese origin. They got it from the French, who took it from the same Latin root as "Animation" (which is at least what my Japanese teacher taught me). Still, even though they are cartoons (just because it's drawn in a different style, doesn't make it not a cartoon), they are still often beautiful. Of course, so are quite a few Western Cartoons, in my opinion.
Art is a matter of perspective, we have different opinions about anime relating to art. But for me, any drawn entity, even porn can be considered as an art. Like i said earlier, it's a matter of perspective and you can say if it's art when you understand the meaning behind it.
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