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Windows xp home start up problem: 30 sec pause

I'm having a problem with my new setup that I had with my old PC. About a week ago when I start my pc up, it loads but not completely. During that time (about 30 seconds) I can't open my internet connection and certain programs (norton, everest) will refuse to load. After the 30 or so seconds is up, it continues loading and works fine.

Initially, I thought it was Norton causing this so I uninstalled it but it still has this problem. I don't want to format because I am almost positive that the same problem will occur again at a later date.

Things I have tried:
-Uninstalled various programs I didn't really need
-Checked HD for errors
-Uninstalled/reinstalled service pack 3
-Scanned for viruses and adware through multiple different apps.
-Defragged HD (though I do this regularly)
-Uninstalled/reinstalled video drivers (had to do this anyway since reinstalltion of service pack 3 screwed them up)

Does anyone have any ideas what's causing this? It's really a pain... Mad
It is not easy to know what is problem, but if you know when is started your problem then you can try "System Restore" to bring your computer in previous state. E.g. bring PC ten days back and if you didn't satisfied then you can use undo to get back current state.


Take a look at task manager during this time and see what Process is hogging. Your CPU time.

if that doesn't set you going in the right direction let us know and give us some more information like your OS versions, it sounds like xp to me, ram amount, etc.

I would suggest you to do a System Restore.

I had a problem similar to this a couple of days back.............the OS was taking a long, long time to boot.
After it loaded, the desktop took its own sweet time to start up.
After this, though the programs were running properly, the hard drive was acting sluggish, especially while accessing large files.
I was almost on the verge of reformatting the disk.

After doing a System Restore to a safe date, things became normal.
This is caused by Windows Updates, I have had this problem before. Scvhost takes up 100% (single core) or 50% (dual core) when first starting up. There was no remedy for this, I either had to disable Windows Updates, or I had to live with it.
If windows slows down, reinstall it...

That clears up all he junk that windows creates. In fact I have a freind who reinstalls Windows atleast once every 2 monhs, just becuase he can't stand what windows does to the system speed with its useless stuff.

Of course, it would be best to make a ghost of the hard drive after installing everything you want, but he always wants the latst versions of all the software except windows.
Try not using xp home... lol

Just kidding.. XP home is wonderful! ok I lied... it's a give and take.

i recomend for anyone on xp to get procexp.exe ... you will understand why when you see it. Also, everyone should read up on Hijackthis ... which is a program that can seriously harm your computer if you don't use it correctly. If you use HiJackThis correctly then it gives you power to unload harmful software from your computer manually. Read about it, please!

it is possible to search known locations in the registry for startup of unwanted programs, but this is also a practice that is not advised if you do not know exactly what you are doing.

I hope this helps ... feel free to ask more questions
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