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Should I upgrade my processor?

I am using Intel Dual core. It is just fine but I want a powerful computer for gaming and web development. What processor do you suggest?

Does anybody know about the change in price? Should I wait for some months or buy now?
sajeebr, could you please supply a little more information? For example:

What operating system are you running (i.e. Windows XP or Vista)?
How much RAM does your PC have?
What graphics card do you have (if you're into gaming, then this will be important)?
What CPU do you have (you've said dual core, but this could be a Pentium Dual Core or a Core 2 Duo) and what speed is it?

At the moment I'm not really following the prices of CPUs, but with the introduction of the new i7 processor, I would expect Core 2 Duos and Quads to drop in price over the next year.
For things like gaming, a 3 Ghz dual core is usually enough, although once quad cores drop in price a bit more, you might want to go with one of those.

I would think that most dual core processors would be fine for web development and even gaming unless you are the hardest core gamer around. Even then I would think that the best upgrades would be video card and ram... But to make a good recommendation on that we would need to know more about your system.

Computer gaming : it depends much more on the GPU (graphic card(s)).
web development : your dual core is pretty sufficient I guess. I don't recall any web dev app that consume a lot of processing power (except Photoshop maybe if you need to do some graphics). I suggest just add more RAM (up to 3GB or more) and you would be ok.
A lot of it is going to require more information, for one if your looking to upgrade an older system then you need to know the specs and what the motherboard supports. If looking to build a new system which is usually the easiest depending on the current ones age...a powerful system can be built for a reasonable price. My system has about $1200 tied into just the tower alone. Built in November 2007, made a couple small changes since. Today I could build the exact same system for around $600 since it was obsolete the day I fired it up. Takes on everything I've thrown at it and more. Runs on a 3ghz Intel Dual Core E6850 processor...had only been on the market about 3 days when I ordered it. Also running Windows Vista Home Basic 64-Bit.

Gaming I can tell you one this time...a Quad Core is about useless, to my knowledge there is no games that make use of them yet. Get a dual core and put the saved money from it into a high graphics card. Depending on what games your looking into nVidia would probably be the better graphics choice but there are some games that are known to run better on and ATI based card. When it comes to graphics cards don't let the price and some of the listed specs fool you. The 1gb nVidia I'm running at the moment cost around $150 new...I looked into an ATI 1gb card that was around $600. But was stopped before making the mistake...for what I needed nVidia was the best choice...not saved a lot of money and probably a lot of disappointment.

If you are considering building a new system then insight into exactly what kind of games you plan to run would be a huge help in customizing it for best performance. If you run multiple high end games then it could be a little trickier...but basing it on your heaviest used will be a good start. My system specs revolved entirely around Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004...which is a very picky piece of software when it comes to getting it maxed out and having a nice smooth and great looking experience. Through a little choosing, asking, and research, I was able to build this system and blow it away, I made a few upgrades simply to make it even better, but for the most part it really hasn't changed...but its capable of running anything else I need without a problem. Main thing I ran into was the graphics card needed a boost. My old 512mb card ran it perfectly while I was on an ancient 15" IBM monitor...but when I finally got a nice 20" LCD I needed a better card since the new high resolution caused a performance drop. But thats to be expected when you go from a 1024x768 resolution up to a 1680x1050 resolution Confused

So more information would be helpful. Could get you pointed in the right direction Wink
It really depends on what you want but a Intel is the best. A 3ghz dual core is still a good buy for a mid gaming computer or just a all round computer but if you want to go more gaming you should get a quad core there are a couple of quad core AMD that are alright such as AMD phenom II 245 whch is a 3ghz quad core but if you thinkyou want better a good intel one is 9550 but it all depends on your budget and what you need it for. There was also a lot of price difference for example the two cpu's i told you have a $80 difference.
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