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How do I make a template?

Ok guys! I know how to use photoshop, and also flash(though it won't be of much relevance here), but I have no knowledge about making templates.. I mean I have made banners for people and al that, but how do I make a template?? a template that I can apply to all the pages of a website, and then just feed in the matter..

Do I have to use CSS or something?? I don't want to learn any new coding language... i'm fed up of all that, I think that to make templates, I wouldnt need to learn any language, but i'm not sure... If I do have to then please mention that too..

thanks in advance!
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Content management systems typically use a coding language, unfortunately: PHP, ASP, Python or something like those. If you want to code a template for something like Drupal or Joomla, you'll have to refer to their respective documentations.

HTML will be unavoidable, and CSS is optional.

But, you can avoid that by using SHTML to code templates. It's much less easy to make changes in an SHTML system since you can't make a login panel to edit the things but it gets the job done.

1. Use HTML to code your template. Keep it on one page so that you can test your design. If there are any links to images or anything, make sure they are absolute so you can put pages wherever you want them while keeping all the template components in one easy directory (Use "/folder/file.file" instead of "./folder/file.file")
2. Once you complete your template, break it apart into several pages. Put everything from the beginning of the code to the top tag of where your content wrapper starts in one area, and everything from your content wrapper ends (the ending tag,be it a </div> or a </td>) to the end of the document. DON'T CLOSE THE OPEN TAGS.
3. Upload all the template stuff into its own directory on the server. Now let's create a web page. In this example I'm going to assume you placed all your templates in "/templates":

<!--#include: virtual="/templates/headportion.html" -->

Your content here.

<!--#include: virtual="/templates/endportion.html" -->

Don't uncomment the #includes. All commands in SHTML are in comments.

Save this file as "index.shtml" or whatever you want, but you must have the .shtml file extension or it won't work at all. Now upload it and see how it works. If you coded everything right, and I remembered the #include directive right, you should have a page in your template working fine and dandy.
Making template is quiet easy if you know flash and photoshop. First you need to decide what type of template do you want. I mean there are two types of templates one is css and another is content management. There are others too but there are main. Then You need to have your website layout. You can make it on any WYSIWYG editor like NVUo or better Dreamweaver. After the layout make a good css and your are done.
If you want to make CMS template then it is quiet hard.
For good practice search any simple website, save them and play with css.
Yes, you would need to use CSS.

But if you are not experienced, try making them with HTML tables / Frames first, just to get an idea, that would make the transition from HTML to CSS designing more easier.
ok guys! thank for the suggestions!

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