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I want to start a clan. Just not sure what games I am going to play (preferably a strategy game like AoE2/RA2/3 or a FPS like BF2 or SWAT4). I just want to set up the whole website, teamspeak and maybe later gameserver stuff. Besides that I also like to play games with friendly, non-hacking people.

If anyone wants to join my clan just post here what games you play (and would like to join the clan with) and what other things you have experience with (php, html, design, linux, seo, or anything else that might be useful).

Any other suggestions are also welcome, and to join you don't have to be a member of frihost. I will set up a separate forum if we got at least 5 members and a name.
Hey I'd join, at first i would only be a forum member because i need a new comp and mabey a PS3 and some of the games but id defiantly join.

I know HTML CSS some JS i'm learning PHP and Python

Name suggestions:

ROG - Renegades Of Gaming Embarassed
AID - An Inevitable Death Twisted Evil
MMK - Meow Meow Kittens Laughing
hmm the MMK suggestion is interesting... now I think of it, all clans have semi-scary names.
How about including Starcraft in your clan? I'm sure there are a few that would join, including me.
never played it, but as I said I am "not sure what games I am going to play". So starcraft is definitely an option if more people would want to join for it.

*gets a "demo"*

when starcraft 2 is out I might give that a try, but starcraft 1 is really old. I don't see what's so great about starcraft. I'd much rather play RA2/3, AoE2 or even generals.
360, wii, ps3?

best platforms for gaming!
Rvec Starcraft 1 is 11 years old, yes but it is still a good game. Smile I also second the console gen games.
Hmm. Now this looks like a fun idea =)

I would prefer AoE2, because I don't have any of the other games. But I might buy them if you guys choose another one.

I know html, php and a little bit of linux.
hmm on a console could be possible, but it'd have to be a game which you can play online, choose a room(so we can all play together) and have stats (best would be if we can fetch the stats somehow for our own site).

AoE2 is one of the games I'd like, but the games might be a bit long to really start a clan for it. Some FPS looks like the best choice to me, but if anyone has better ideas don't let me stop you.
Well we could always play Urban Terror its free, mid range graphics, like CSS but dodgier and has a bb2 client that records each persons' stats
going to try it out, didn't hear of that before.

edit: bit simple, but could be a nice game if you play it with some others and teamspeak. Going to try if I can get stats working for it.

edit: in a config file (used when setting up a server):
set g_loghits "0" //log every single hit. Creates very big logs
Very Happy that could be really cool stats.
I like this game.
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