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How to use BlackBerry internet from HTC Tytn II

Can someone tell me if there is a way to use my HTC Tytn II phone (with Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system) to connect to Black Berry server to use the internet, Black Berry email, etc?? I'm asking this because there is a mobile phone deal which gives unlimited internet usage through a Black Berry device and I would like to use my HTC Tytn II phone for it.
I found a way to connect my HTC phone to the Blackberry server. There is a software called Blackberry Connect (BBConnect for short) for a few selected HTC phones, including HTC Tytn II. You will need to have your Blackberry service enabled by your mobile service provider. BB Connect works for Windows Mobile 6.0 and up. I can now receive free, unlimited emails and unlimited web browsing using Blackberry Browser, on my HTC phone. You don't really need a Blackberry browser if you have BB Connect since this software will use Windows Internet Explorer as a Blackberry browser. All sweet.
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