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Barry McGuire @ the Gov

The first time I heard of Barry McGuire was when the Screaming Jets covered Eve Of Destruction on a J-files "covers special". That rendition didn't stir me, but then Richard Kingsmill played the Barry McGuire version and something about the harsh message in the song hit home with me. I searched more about this man and went looking in every record store in Perth (where I lived at the time) for anything by him, looking for a recording of that one song. I could never find anything by Barry Mcguire in any record store - lots of record shop owners knew of the man, but no one stocked any of his stuff (as he was long since washed up). Eventually I was forced to order an import CD from 78 Records in Freo: Barry McGuire Anthology. Nowadays I would have been able to research, find and download to my hearts content all in the same hour, but the above process took about 6 weeks until I finally had the CD in my hands.

Fast forward about 10 years and out of the blue the Gov announces a Barry McQuire show: Trippin the 60's. Here was the man I had searched so far to find any recordings of coming to Australia to play a show and no doubt the song that had made him famous!! I jumped at the chance to shoot it!

But I was to be caught out by this gig as it was a early starter. Maybe it was the older crowd? Maybe it was the two-sets including intermission style of the show? Maybe it was the fact it was a "seated gig"? Maybe it was due to it being mid week? Either way, I got to the Gov at the usual time for a show only to find the man was halfway through the first set. And having opened with Eve Of Destruction, I had missed the only chance in my life I would have to witness the song live!! Arghhh!! I was kicking myself!! Damn!!

The rest of the show went by rather quickly, and to be honest, a lot of it was lost on me, as I am by no means a child of the 60's. Most of the songs I had not heard before, but I did enjoy Barry's stories of drunken and drugged times. All told, I got some great pics, but missing Eve Of Destruction bummed me out.

Ahh well, here's the song in all it's glory from the 60's and the pics I got:





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