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Nintendo DSi Releases on April 5th

Are you going to buy one?
Yes, I plan on it.
 66%  [ 2 ]
No, I don't want one.
 33%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 3

I can't wait. April 5th is my 21st birthday too. I'm buying one. They have news releases and a couple pictures on their site: Nintendo DSi Official Website

By the looks of it, it has bigger screens, 2 cameras, an SD card slot, and they did away with the GBA slot. The button layout hasn't changed much, though it looks like they did some work to the R & L buttons.

Not to mention, there are button volume controls, which is good and bad... Good because it is more precise, bad because now when you want a volume between 9 & 10, you are doomed. (Or you can hook it up to external speakers like I usually do.)

Yes please, thank you Nintendo, I would love to purchase a second copy of your console to gain a few previously withheld trivial extra features I don't need and won't use in exchange for the ability to play approximately half of my hand held game collection. Very Happy
Well, obviously the DSi wont make people who already own a DS (or DS Lite) feel the need to upgrade, but for those of us who don't own a DS this is just more reason to upgrade.

I watched a video today on the Nintendo Channel from my Wii about the DSi and I must say, it really does look pretty cool.
I will probably get one. I used to have a DS but got rid as part exchange for a PSP. Missed it ever since tbh.
Yeah, heard about ths a few months ago. I already have a DS Lite, so I have no need for one, but to be honest, I don't understand why Nintendo went this route. I have always seen Nintendo as a company that focuses on games more than extra features (and commend them for that) so I'm not sure why they decided to load it up with these extra features. I think they said it's to target a wider demographic and make it into a "personal tool" rather than just a game console.

SD Card Slot, that's a nice addition, but I would prefer a Gameboy Advance slot. Plus, there are third party accessories that allow you to have the same and more funtionality than what the DSi offers. What's worse is that now you can no longer use rumble packs and other slot 2 accessories. Bigger screen is a plus, because one thing that has always bugged my about portables is their small screen, the enjoyment is often reduced. However, I can say I am now (after a couple years) OK with the current screen size. Battery life has gone down, which is kind of a bummer because I rarely charge my DS Lite, but it's acceptable. I do like the idea of giving it a matte finish, I've never been a huge fan of the glossy finish on the DS Lite (I have a few minor scratches).

Overall, I still have a preference for the DS Lite. I think Nintendo will continue selling it alongside the DSi (correct me if I'm wrong). I simply like my GBA slot too much. Very Happy Plus, once you get some first and third party accessories, you get much of what the DSi offers on the DS Lite, minus the cameras.
I heard of it like last year. I for one won't be getting one anytime soon. Maybe never at all. I'm quite happy with my DS Lite. I like being able to play DS and GBA games.
Looks very cool! I have a DS so I probably won't be upgrading but it definitely looks very nice!!! Very Happy

I wonder what the next Nintendo device will be... I mean the one that'll replace Wii. Rolling Eyes
These are going to be awesome. Unfortunately, I won't have the cash, but I totally plan on getting one in the future.
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