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The weather

How's the weather over where you live?

It's been around 15C/60F here for the past two days. In March. In Chicago. That's absolutely crazy, but I'm not complaining, since it's nice and sunny.

How about all of you? The winter weather clearing up?
The winter weather seems to have cleared up since like 3 weeks ago. lol. I've been wearing short sleeved shirts for the past few weeks. Our winter wasn't that cold, though. Lowest it got was probably maybe around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. But just like one day. Anyway, I live in Texas, but still.
Eh, it was about -25c as worst last month. I'm just enjoying this warm period while it lasts.
Its about 54F and its 9:50PM...Unseasonably warm for us here in northern Indiana. We topped out the day around 67F Cool

Its a great change from the bitter cold of the winter. Just Tuesday it never made it above 25F and the nights were in the single digits. Expecting a lot of rain starting tomorrow through Sunday. Anything beats the few days we had in January where the day never got above -10F with wind chills in the -20s. 2 nights in a row we had temps in the -30 range and a wind chill that made it clear down to -50F Surprised We are used to cold...but that was a bit much Embarassed

Spring is defiantly on the way...tree sap is dripping heavily from the trees, today I saw the first Robin of the year. And the real sign was being outside this evening getting ate up by a few mosquitoes Shocked Seems like they come out earlier and earlier every year...I hate the little @#$^%@#$% Mad But theres always that chance of snow through early April. A couple years ago a freak storm in the first week of April dumped 10 inches on us...and it was 70F the day before Rolling Eyes This is one place you do not trust the weather...EVER Shocked
In Florida its been around 70's recently so I really can't complain. I love the weather here, which is why I've stayed here all my life Very Happy
Oh no Mister.

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