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Email is lost

Hi, can you help me:
I have phpBB forum on my website and some people did not receive membership activation e-mail. What can I do to improve that? If some email services, like comcast, aol, yahoo have specific requirements and other email hosts not - can you tell me what email hosts are working well for Frihost?
Email notification when reply is posted, also didn't work when I tested, even for my operamail email host, that worked well before.

Could be that phpBB forum has corrupted files now and I will need to reinstall it, but this is a lot of work, and I prefer to exclude services incompatibility before that.

I'm using Cpanel.
I tried:
- register as a new member with different email address (gmail). Activation email didn't arrived to gmail and wasn't bounced to Squirrel at Cpanel, as it was for some other people, who tried to register.
- made a post at my forum as a user, with e-mail notification about reply. Answered myself as forum administrator. Notification about reply didn't reach me, even this was the same email account, that worked well with Frihost before (operamail).
- The same email address (operamail) receives reply notifications form Frihost community forums without any problems.
Hmm, one thing you might try (I have no basis for this, but feel its worth a try). Change the phpBB settings so that the board sends email through an smtp authenticated account.

You will need to create an email account on your domain, then use the smtp information for that email address (you usually use this to setup in outlook or thunderbird), and configure phpBB to use that email address to send mail.

Just a thought.
Thanks! Will try to work around this, even if this is a little above by level of knowledge.
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