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Photoshop magic - "Stick by Caroczel"

my name is george and i have a confession to make.
well..... two actually
1 - i'm totally "stick" mad
2 - and because of this i have posted this in two forums - i hope the moderators can accept that.


i live in the gambia, west africa and are a manager of a local charitable community recycling organisation - the paper recycling skills project.
in decembaer 2006 i met a lady on yahoo 360 and we became friends. turned out she was an artist from pa in the usa and over time we fell in love. she visited here in june 2007 and we had a wonderful 3 week 3d experience. she totally fell in love with the country i have made my own, had first a massive culture shock here and then an even greater one on her return to rural pennsylvania.

we have decided that as soon as we can afford it she will join me here and will help with her talent and skill in the numerous projects i am involved in - mostly establishing practical and sustainable links between environmental protection and awareness, education and arts and crafts. you can see some of our proposed activities here:

one of her arts projects is "stick" and she has been running a blog on yahoo 360 for over 2 years and its little stories around a group of pipecleaner dolls having all sorts of adventures.


Caroczel - my lady love's pen name - spends endless hours on her photoshop 6 to create all sorts of sandwiches as she calls them combining pictures taken by her to create real life situations using her magic imagination and her little friends. she even created a "gambian stick" called gambi who hopefully will help us to develop some of our projects here -

she also has just started a small site on wetpaint and our aim is to make stick a real force to be reckoned with. so if you really like what you see and what we try to achieve please pop along, say hi, become a stick fan and spread the word.

cheers from a stickaholic

ooooo bugger.....
i guess the image tagging didn't work
shucks.... oooo wellll.... sigh......
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Wink
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