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Community, virtual and not

I offer this thread as a place to post your views, observations and links to the best finds.

Secondary goal:
how to find online community, what will be interesting to you and where you will feel good and easy, not "never again". Links to solutions are preferred to generalizing Laughing (by me, of course, your preferences may differ).

My input:
1. Real world. Word "community" replaced words "area" and "district" for a some reason. Together with "neighborhood".
People, living in the same area, basing on proximity to work or place of learning and the affordability of housing. They may have nothing in common at all. I have hard time seeing this as community.

2. Intentional communities, real world.
Not affordable or not available, alas.

3. Virtual communities.

Affordable, available, could be the same interests. Very promising.

Now how to find community, that is suitable for you.

For me, it is:
Doing a web search, go there and check (lurk).
Not particularly helpful. Other factors, beside the name of forum are involved. Some are small talk oriented, certain social group (with very particular values and standards) oriented, some has high enough percentage of different individuals (unfortunately, these have tendency spend a lot of their effort trying to find "underdog" or make somebody such), topic oriented communities have tendency to nothing more to say (beside the small talk) or diffuse the borders of topic so, that it stops becoming itself. Some create or participate in communities, promoting opposite views. This is not for everyone.

Do you know a better way? Leaving alone "ask your friends" or "ask around", not particularly helpful Rolling Eyes

What worth attention communities did you find, for whom they are? Or what you are looking for (may be somebody could help to find one)?
Finding a good community is generally hard for me, as most forum communitys are mixed up with too many subjects, usually finding people that aren't actually what you're searching for. I usually search and search and search, scrolling the pages of google. Frihost is a very nice community, even tough there are so many people and so many cultures we all are united and friendly to eachother. It's something I haven't seen before on a forum with so many members. Long live Frihost!
So true. Long live Frihost!
It took me so long time to find a community . I only have one community always visites . It is Frihost .
I found a nice little community from playing a small MMORPG where everyone who plays the game regularly all know each other.
Although it is a community by all means are not all united. Although it's a good game to play with others it's very competitive with it's use of clans, and people are always arguing about any changes that should happen to the game in the forums, but I like it all, seems more real Laughing
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