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can there be an architecture forum section?

I was wondering if an architecture forum section could be opened?

there are some basic topics to discuss, like :

    1- new buildings that get people excited

    2- theoretical and possible built environments

    3- competitions

    4- school advice

    5- Licensing and career advice

others probably also, but i figured if you take this suggestion, then maybe you would also like a suggestion how to start it.

Thanks for your time.
I'm not sure if there would be enough people interested in this. Anyone else thinks they would post quite a bit in this forum if it would exist?
If it had to do with every aspect of design and architecture I would enjoy it. I've built 2 new homes, and now I"m teaching myself how to use an AutoCAD program and design new houses or buildings.

There is a lot that goes into it and surely there is a few people around here that know something. Forum for not only discussion but learning some of the programs as well.
yeah that could be an interesting section for me Smile
Im getting experience working at a firm and learning the practicalities of the profession. Also the stresses.

But I recently graduated and would like to continue some kind of academic dialogue.

I could help you with your CAD questions.

My knowledge of buiding codes is short, especially because im working at a firm in Hungary, and the codes arent the same as in the US.

If you have built two houses, I could maybe start to pick your brain about building codes where you are. We are thinking of moving back to the US when the recession starts to wane.

Right now i think its a bit of a suicidal move.
Ghost Rider103
I know I would post in it.

I am no architect, but my career filed follows very close to it (graphic and web design). I have spent some time doing architect work for practice, as that is a field that interest me, but I do not specialize in it.
Sweet, that sounds awesome. I would love an architecture forum, particularly experimental architecture and green architecture. I think it would be great to have a place to bounce ideas around and read about other peoples projects/ideas.
I've got no professoinal invovlement with architecture, but would love and architecture forum.
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