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Ok, so im planning on starting a website in HTML ( my first one) and i was wondering. What program do you guys use to write and view with HTML?

Ex. <html>
What program would i use to see "Yay!" on a blank field?
First of all, Yay! is not a tag, and so shouldn't be enclosed in brackets. That being said, I believe the only way to code HTML is in a text editor. My preference is jEdit ( though I used Crimson Editor for a long time ( although it hasn't been updated in a while, sadly. I prefer the finer control that WYSIWYG editors don't let me have.

Since you're coding web pages, doesn't it make sense that would use a web browser to view them?
Another one for using a Text Editor.

HTML is so easy that there's no point using a Wizard.

Even when you do CSS scripts and stuff by hand it's still quite simple.

I remember back in the day I used a couple of different programs with templates and code highlighting, but these days from what I hear Notepad++ is the way to go. I have no experience with it myself though as I use Metapad for ALL my text editing and HTML editing needs. I'm very careful with opening and closing tags due to C++ programming so I don't really need the highlighting anymore in HTML.
Yeah, it was a mistake ^ Very Happy How would i view it with my browser?
Save it as a .html file and double click on it.

You are using a tutorial of some sort aren't you?

Download Coffecup its free

make three pages and link them

start small and work up

goto w3schools

easy tutorials
Hi again, no offense but I'm going to have to veto W3Schools if you want a tutorial. HTMLDog ( would be the way to go.
No, i use no tutorials. I have a book here... trying to teach myself HTML and CSS. Soon i will be learning Java and such...
First, I suggest that you read some tutorials about HTML so you'll get the hang of it. You can use any HTML or text editor like notepad. If you want something more advance, you can use Adobe Dreamweaver of Edit Plus. I've been using Edit Plus for 5 years and it does a good job. I like more than Dreamweaver, since I'm more into manual coding. Smile
now, concentrate on html! Then on Css, and then on JavaScript or something else. Don't be too fast.

The better you know Html (and later css) the easier it will become.

Start small! Learn how to make <div> & <a> and soon you will see first effects!

Good Luck!
well i have HTML basics down, working on CSS. And yes i use the internet for questions that the book cannot answer >.> lol Anywho, another question! How would i create a log-in page and register page for a website
Definitely a text editor.... have you seen the size of a "simple" web page created using micro$oft word or excel !!!

For one off pages I use vi ... and for automatically generated pages, I have written shell scripts which do the same as I would with the text editor. The total pages managed this way are currently nearing 4000 !!!

I use Notepad++ for HTML. You see directl when you see when you typed something wrong
Well Duh a text editor i use Notepad++ myself. I was wondering PhP wise....
manlear wrote:
Well Duh a text editor i use Notepad++ myself. I was wondering PhP wise....
I do all of my PHP programming as well in Notepad++, as it has excellent syntax and function highlighting capabilities. If you're looking for a good PHP tutorial, Tizag is always great:

It covers most of the basics as well as some of the more advanced features.
If you are a starter then use notepad as your editor. when you save, "name.html" and use "all" as file type. It will be save as an html file so you can simply double click and open it on yr default web browser, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
For coding from scratch I would highly recommend Notepad++

For a WYIWIG experience, which I personally don't get on with, there are quite a few around, both free and paid for.

Free ones include - nvu (Kompozer) and NetObjects Fusion Essentials

Paid for ones are Dreamweaver (very expensive) and NetObjects Fusion.

Dreamweaver is a great tool if you can afford it (it's very expensive).

There are many many others though such as CoffeeCup
Da Rossa
Try Kompozer for a WYSIWYG project. It's a little buggy, but still very good.
frontpage 2003 is also very nice its also a WYSIWYG .. very good to use and very simple
frontpage or dreamweaver would be the best choice for you. they generates all the html tags for you.

if you wanna code for yourself then do for crimson editor or notepad ++
aningbo can i know whether crimson editor or notepad ++ we can get it freely....
I recommend avoiding WYSIWYG. Start with HTML and you can become an expert. It's cheaper to develop and maintain (when you know what you are doing), as there isn't any weird generated markup (although I have tried Dreamweaver and I was somewhat impressed by the html output for simple pages, still wouldn't use/recommend it). Of course there is more of a learning curve, but hey, it's a markup language, not a programming language - it's very easy to learn.
Frontpage is garbage!

Just use Notepad, or one of the free Notepad alternatives - preferably one with HTML code highlighting.

HTML is EASY and quick to use.
I agree with David, Frontpage is a horrible application. Then again, so is Dreamweaver. I've used both though, so I can't really complain. Firstly, I use Notepad ++ currently for HTML coding. I need it for my work with PHP and XML. It's a great portable application.

HTML is quick and easy, everything is in English really.

<b> = Bold
<u> = Underlined

It's simple. Just do a quick Google search if you get stuck.
Have a look at, a great site for beginners to learn the basics.
netbeans make html editing easier for me, of course I don't learn anything...
Maybe using Dreamweaver will help you make the website easier.
Use a simple text editor, like notepad(if you are a windows user) and save the file with extension .htm or .html. And open it to see the page you created.
This a nice tutorial site. Just go through it once. I am sure, you will love it.
Use Kompozer, a free and simple html editor.
Phase 5 html editor is a good editor , if you want you can use a WYSIWYG-html-editor.

I make my homepage with Phase 5 and the Windows Editor , html is a realy esay script language , and everybody can learn it Wink with Phase 5 youcan learn it faster because it is really easy.
Beerwin PlainHTML 7 (Beta)
You only need the most used program in the world "Dreamweaver"(buy). Look for an older Version, it is very expensive but the best.

After that you need a program that is able to watch your code (best in coloured tags) like: Ultra Edit (boy) VIM, PSPAD(free) or else.

I tested Phase 5, Webweaver, Kompozer, NSU (all free) and others. But only Dreamweaver has it all together.
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