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want to sell my photographs..

I am a photographer from India..I want to sell my stock photographs..Can any body tell me which is the right place to submit my stock site is
A lot of us want to sell our photographs... it would be nice to know how to get into the stock photo business...
Start on the web!
Subscribe to a stock exchange website (you'll surely need to pay but if your photos are good enough you will have back your money soon enough) Smile !!
it's easy to subscribe to for instance.

But your photo needs to be accepted and it's hard enough but... WHAT CAN YOU LOSE TO TRY IT ?
there are many places you can sell you photos online just go to

there is a list of places you can sell them online Very Happy
Stock photography is kinda a joke in my opinion. Unless you take marketable photos rather than artistic photos then it's a waste. You may sell a few but selling a few photos at $1 or less it's hard to make a living. From my experience doing a few photo exhibits, selling prints, and similar things you'll have more of a chance of making a profit. That's how I've been able to make a decent profit of my photos. That way people also don't get electronic copies of the photo they just get a hard copy.
Joke hahaha...
I didnt really think anyone didi this i tried doing it 3 months back and all i got was lossss

soory dear but if u wanna do that then u are on ur own...
subirbasak, I enjoyed looking through some of your photos on your site Smile

To re-elaborate your original question, you are looking for more protential income from your profession, isn't it? I had a look on this topic for myself as well a while ago... and instead of me summarising it, you'll learn more from other's post:

Wiki: Microstock

How To Sell Stock Photos - Part 1

How To Sell Stock Photos - Part 2

Shooting Stock Photography 2 - January 2009
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