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Whats your favorite cell phone company?

Which cell phone provider do you like the best out of these?
 31%  [ 6 ]
 31%  [ 6 ]
 10%  [ 2 ]
t mobile
 26%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 19

I had at&t and once my contract was up I switched to sprint and got the simply everything plan. I love sprint so much better than at&t. I was just curious about what cell provider you think has the best service all the way around......
Granted I've only ever used Verizon, I personally think they offer the best coverage and service for the cost. I've had a phone with them for three years now I think and have never ha a problem. I am interested to hear what other people have to say about their experiences with different companies, though.
I like at&t . It is a so strong company .
I have only had AT&T. 6 years now. Very few problems. Been out with friends that had other providers and could not get signal when mine did.
I use Sprint. I don't really like it though, but I get a discount from it soooo... Smile
I dont like any. Each One of these communication companies has some flaw or other!!
I'm with T-Mobile at the minute and and happy to be honest, each company has different tarrifs and as long as you choose the best one suited to your needs you'll be paying about the same no matter which one you choose. I suppose in the end it comes down to two things first being customer service, If your happy with your current provide then stick with them if you think you could be treated better at another provider maybe it's time to move on. Second is what provider your friends are on, almost all providers offer discounts to calls made to phones on the same network.

What makes you prefer sprint of at&t?
I know that at&t is supposed to have better coverage and fewer drop calls and it does seem to be true (my boyfriend has at&t) but personally, I love t-mobile. I'm on a family plan that has unlimited text & picture messaging for the whole family for $10 (not per each person, but just for everyone) so that's nice.
At&t for me.. anyone here have any experience with vodophone in the eu?
Probably things are set up differently where I am, or for people who live outside the United States there may be different systems. I use a Nokia phone without a contract. Where I am you can either buy a SIM and then pay for units by buying phone cards to top up the SIM all the time, or you can have a contract with the local phone company together with a SIM card and you pay on a monthly basis. I have more than one phone, and all of them are Nokias. Very basic no frills Nokias as generally I am not much of a phone person, other than for business purposes. I prefer the Internet and e-mails. If I do get in the mood to do long chats, I prefer to do it on the landline. Phone calls to places outside the country where I am are sometimes cheaper with my cell phone though. I travel a lot locally, and do all of my phoning when I am away from home on my cell phone.
You need an option for "Other" IMO. These are not all available around the world Wink
I like verizon! They give me great deals.
In the UK:

Tesco, in all honest - they use the O2 masts (which have the best coverage in the UK) and are cheaper than O2 for calls and texts... they also give you a ton of free texts and various goodies, it works out dirt cheap basically and you get quite a bit for your money. I never run out of free texts.
Well, I've (really my dad/family)'s only ever had T-Mobile. And they're pretty good. The only thing I don't like too much about them is the fact that they're always behind in terms of the newest phones. In other words, all carriers get the new phones before T-Mobile. Verizon for example, has a wide variety, and they always have the latest and greatest phones. Of course that's just a tiny thing, but still.

Other than that, their customer service is pretty good and quite generous, and their phones seem to be of good quality.
Centennial is my newest service...which last I heard is being bought out by AT&T. Confused

Plan is cheap, service so far has been great.

Last phone was Nexel/Sprint....NEVER AGAIN Mad They were great when it was just Nextel, but after the Sprint merger the service went downhill fast. Bill shot up, started loosing signals in places I always had full bars before, customer service turned into a joke. Then when they told me it was going to be $150 for a new phone after the one I had for 4 YEARS finally quit working...the offered replacement phone was a flimsy piece of crap not worth $5 let alone $150. But one of the rugged phones like I had before was going to be nearly $400 Shocked I told them where they could shove it and went to Centennial that afternoon Laughing Got a plan with them that is 10X better then my previous one...and its 1/2 the price. I have reception everywhere I need it, and got a $200 phone for only $10 since I was a new customer...will never go back to Nextel/Sprint ever again Confused
sw0277 wrote:
I had at&t and once my contract was up I switched to sprint and got the simply everything plan. I love sprint so much better than at&t. I was just curious about what cell provider you think has the best service all the way around......

None of the above, all cell phone companies rape their clients. It is disgusting.
Since I've only had one provider I can't really say anything bad (att)

However, I know some people that work for Verizon. With Verizon the reason you are paying extra is higher quality customer support, so if you don't ever call customer support (like me) it's really not a smart idea to use them. However, if you do, then they're a good choice.
Digicel Jamaica
I'm on my dads plan on alltel at the moment. But you probably know that they're merging with Verizon sooo....
I use AT&T, merely because they let my family keep the plan we already had from Cingular (we used their "Pay as you go" phones). It's convenient, merely because I don't talk on the phone much and I can go 3 months with less than $20.
I guess Verizon since that's who the contract is with. While maybe somewhat out of topic, I've seen that they also provide internet service using optical fiber cables. I wonder how good it is.
I'm with Vodafone, simple plans,
got 1,000 minutes the other day to use for any mobile in 30 days Very Happy
smart company here in the Philippines....I have been using this for almost 12 years now....
Considering I have Verizon, they better be my favorite...otherwise why am I with them? Razz

I never really have a problem with service and the customer representatives are almost always excellent...they want to keep their customers happy and go to great lengths to do it. I was buying a blue tooth but really couldn't afford it and they slashed the price by almost $13. Not a huge sum of money, I know, but not exactly something I was expecting. Very Happy
Fido (I'm canadian)

a. they're GSM
b. i have a sweet contract
Here we have few mobile company. BPL, IDEA cellular, BSNL, MTNL, AIRTEL, AIRCEL, VADAFONE, TATA INDICOM, RELIANCE MOBILE, .. more to come with less rates Laughing
Drei (in english: three), but it's not on your list...
I have t-mobile at the moment, but the connection is not always good.
But the price is good so I am not complaining Cool
i dont use any of these because these do not provide services in my country. I use Telenor.
At&T supposedly has really good coverage in the world, while Verizon has really good coverage in the US. I like to travel a lot, so i think at&t is pretty good
imagefree wrote:
i dont use any of these because these do not provide services in my country. I use Telenor.

My luck is also like you. None of them support my country. Here the leading providers are telenor and orascom and i am with Orascom right now. They are providing good services.
None of these providers are ones we have in Canada, or Japan for that matter. Whenever I need a new phone I always diligently shop around to find out who has the best deals/service. It always seems to be changing.
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