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Most popular sites hosted on Frihost...

Is it posible to make a list(with Most popular sites hosted on Frihost) and in future to upgrade it every month....
Like top 10 or top 20 popular sites Question
I think its good idea Idea
i support your idea and i think it's not so hard to track the numbers of visitors in each site. and i even think the admins allready have something like that they just never posted...
I think Bondings is already working on a sites Directory. I'm pretty sure we'll have a popular sites section in that.
Alright Exclamation
If Bondings making it he ll make it Exclamation
Wait for it...
Hope ill be in first ten Smile
K, but how will he make it.

On bandwidth is competely, wrong.

On hits cant say. A bot can get u a lot of hits.

How will one judge the popularity.
ow man it a good idea to know what r the best sites
just to get some ideas to make my own site
it really great i like it
i think buy putting a poll or something when they visit the site so when someone visits the site he can vote if its good or bad
it could be a good idea
Or it could be based of google page rank. That is how everyone else judges popularity on nowadays. It is somewhat a hard category to make but I think page rank would be the easiest and fairest.
coolclay wrote:
Or it could be based of google page rank. That is how everyone else judges popularity on nowadays. It is somewhat a hard category to make but I think page rank would be the easiest and fairest.
But most pages have a page rank 0, 1, 2 and will be no more since its no more.

I have a site that got 60K+ hits & this month surely will be more than 100,000 but the google rank is still a big 0. Rolling Eyes Wink
Google Pagerank is only updated every 3 months. Not a good thing to rank sites. And why should the most popular be on the top? They are already popular, give the others a chance. Wink
Because their popular for a reason bondings, therefore the more visitors tend to relate to the content and layout of the site it's all relative...
Twisted Evil
i agree with jack its important to know which are the best sites but not counting the total of visits but the ammount each month for example so everyone would have a chance for his site to be popular
last month bondings siite was 500 visits and ths month was 400
last month Jack site was 200 and this month was 425
so last moth bondings site was first and Jack second
and this month Jack is first and bondings second
so i think its giving chances to everyone bondings
apart from that as i allready mention it helps to give example to other sites and ideas
im not saying any copying of site that should be prohibited ok but maybe if bondings site had something special example many shortcuts to most frequently used pages it should be a good idea to do something like that
it helps a lot in my openion
good luck for the sites
Alexa (no, not the virus/spyware) has a traffic ranking system, which seems to be updated fairly regularly.

Go to and click on 'Traffic Rankings'.

The ranking system only works for top level domains, so if you try to view the ranking for, you'll actually see the ranking for It's good for domain owners, though.
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